Chess endgames for beginners

As you start to learn about the game, it may seem like a big challenge. Chess endgames for beginners can be especially difficult. However, once you get the hang of it, the process of learning gets easier. In order to simplify things, we bring a simple explanation of this stage. You’ll also find important principles every chess newbie should know from the beginning.

Chess endgames for beginners


The endgame is characterized by a small number of pieces left on the board. Oftentimes, the middlegame gradually turns into the final stage. So the line between them may not be clear. On the other hand, the transition can also occur within a couple of moves.

In any case, as soon as players recognize the endgame, they change their strategic concerns. It involves a different way of power distribution among one’s chessmen. Let’s see what it actually means.

Chess endgames for beginners: essential points

First of all, the subjective value of pawns increases. At this stage, their promotion to a stronger piece is a powerful move. So the ending in chess almost always involves attempts to do that on both sides.

Meanwhile, the king shouldn’t hide in the back anymore. He can play a key role in escorting pawns to the square they promote on. The monarch is useful in many ways, such as attacking enemies and protecting important pieces. Besides, he is able to hinder the movement of the rival king.

In addition to these principles, it’s crucial to know the basic checkmates. Overall, one’s ability to win depends on whether or not a player can checkmate the opponent. It’s a necessary step.

If you miss it, it won’t be possible to grasp more complex matters and improvise. Which is also a part of a chess game and derives from knowing the fundamentals. So make sure you can deliver a full point at a decisive moment.


We’ve brought the most significant aspects of mastering chess endgames for beginners. The rest is just about recognizing patterns and getting experience. Chess players, have you visited yet? It’s a must-see for any fan of the game!