10 Chess Tips To CRUSH Everyone

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10 Chess Tips to improve, for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, even Grandmasters!

0:00 Intro
0:51 Q1: Plans with Openings
4:30 Q2: Plans with Imbalances
11:35 Q3: Opponents Mistakes
15:17 Q4: Positional Chess
19:45 Q5: How To Attack
26:13 Q6 and 7: Passive Play
32:34 Q8: Closed Position
37:32 Q9: Learning Openings

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  1. Looking for advice on the first part.

    My plan generally revolves around how my opponent Plays. So I usually start by trying to control center/ or have my pieces in versatile spots that have multiple options.. then it depends on opponent, do I seize a weak point for mate, or defend/chip away pieces if they're aggressive or if I can I try to push them into my plan or if they're doing that to me I'll try to derail their plans,weather storm and counter

  2. Please make a video on london system .
    How to win with london against anyone ?

  3. Hi, Levy! I'm coming up on 40, and I've always struggled with chess—I learned the very basics when I was young, but not how to make sense of any of it. As such the best I've ever been able to manage up until now is winning the first game against a new player, only to start losing by game 2 or 3, never to win against them again.

    Stumbled across your videos in YT's recommendations about a week or two ago, and it's really inspired me to try and learn to play the game properly, beyond simple mechanics. Thanks for the awesome resources and engaging commentary!

  4. Wanted to let you know that you are the reason i started playing chess.
    Tried multiple times and got tilted-uninstalled and a couple of days ago your video randomly popped up on my YT and i've never watched a single chess video and gave it a go and it's going great.
    Your videos are helpful, interesting and great overall.
    Sadly, i am currently in some debt and cannot donate or buy courses to support you, but as soon as i get a chance i'll spare some money to show you my gratitude.
    Keep up the great videos, love it!

  5. In some way or another this video has gone under the radar for me, and I missed out on the fact I got featured, not just once, but twice. Thank you Levy we really appreciate your content.

  6. And here I'm just doing the 3 step checkmate from the opening or else just taking the rooks out

  7. i watched this video and i won 10 games in a row and it nearly gave me +100 elo

  8. I just recently started playing chess ♟️ and I have been kinda bad not bad bad but bad to the point where some might just get angry at my moves although I do make some good and serviceable moves sometimes
    But often see myself losing because I run outta time because I am well thinking about all possible moves

  9. Alright! Imma download this video so I can remind myself of all these useful tips from Youtube's best chess teacher.

  10. 20.51 I mean maybe like physical feelings😅😅😅

  11. Me on my way to play Mittens now😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

  12. Goth, sorry levy, i really like the way you teach and yes once anyone reaches about 2000 rating they dont want to hang a piece but they do sometimes, very rare but i got a opponent of 2009 rating who hung a piece on move 5 playing sicillian defence. I am your long subscriber.

  13. How to know when to defend the king and when to attack the king?

  14. Very helpful ,upbeat and easy to follow along. Subscribed my good sir. Thank you

  15. Thumb's up because you said I'm incredible for watching this far. Oh stop it you! 😀

  16. I just started playing chess, and my head hurts…

  17. you should make a chess class so that you can teach people chess at any level and you can understand how we play and

  18. Thank you soooo much for this video. I´ve searched a guide like this for hours

  19. gothem i’m a big fan i watch you everyday but i can’t improve from 509 rating

  20. This guy is not a good teacher for beginners, lol.

  21. This video has made me realise, chess ain't for me 😅

  22. Sometimes I get Deja Vu while watching your videos.

  23. I always get so frustrated in chess when I lose everytime but I guess these 10 tips from Levy kinda helps but ok


  25. Is there any value in playing out older games from past masters on a board that played one particular opening over and over again against different players as a way to study the opening. That's what I did tonight with the English gambit and I was amazed how many of the black players simply didn't develop their pieces in favor of taking lots of sacrificed material and getting attacked and checkmated by white on the king side near the end virtually every time. It just blows my mind. So knowing which gambits to take or not seems to be an important thing to learn.

  26. This helped me, I finally beat the 1000 bot in chess because of it, I’m still bad but this helped me learn. Thank you!

  27. "ooh me attack queen" -me before watching this vid

  28. Great video. Thank you.

    Physical feelings > winning games of chess

  29. i love how levy just like at the 34 minute mark thanks us for watching. thats how we know he actually appriciates us for listening and following his tutorials. love you levy

  30. I give up. This is extremely complicated EVEN tho I just want to learn as something as beginner as mid game

  31. My plan is to win.. and how do i do that

  32. He's better at teaching chess more than he's in chess.

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