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  1. Gotham is the only person that could ever rage at chess


  3. either u sac the queen
    or fuck the queen
    either way u get a video from levy

  4. I am not the best at chess, but I am pretty sure a checkmate was over looked by white.

    White rook was e1 and queen was e3 then just move the queen to e8.

  5. I did NOT see that coming 😂 that was great on multiple levels!

  6. It went from a normal move that looks good for white to okay now let's restart it and give my opponent the whole board

  7. Thank you. I felt like losing my queen but then Levy told me not to. Great advice

  8. Has the world become so dumb we really need to explain basic concepts like this???

    Here's some similar basic advice:

    Don't jump off a cliff
    Don't walk into oncoming traffic
    Don't look in the barrel of a gun
    ….. Don't do stupid shit. 😑

  9. Now what you don’t want to do here is, LOSE THE QUEEN IN ONEEEEE MOVEEEEEEE

  10. Couldn’t the queen go f4 after the rook goes e5

  11. Couldn’t the queen go f4 after the rook goes e5

  12. 3000 ELO game with a 300 ELO moment

  13. bro just go to super saiyan bc the frieza killed the queen

  14. I think the best move would have been
    Queen D2 to C2 😅

  15. he sounds like Kazuma from konosuba when he lost hope in society

  16. Feels like it was a mouse slip and he was going to go to F4 (which still loses a queen, but feels like even a 100elo player would see that over G5 cuz its a check xD)

  17. teaming them up "inaccuracy" trading and promoting to a queen "blunder" losing the queen in one move "brilliant" i know so much about chess

  18. Dw guys, it’s just a botez gambit! I was there and they won the game by checkmate fr

  19. And then he sacrificed the QUEEN!!

    -oh wait it was a blunder

  20. What about after qn to e3 u move the qn again to f4

  21. Thanks for the Botez gambit tutorial. I will implement this into my opening next time I play chess!

  22. GothamChess: and i sacrificed MY HAPPINEEEEEEESSSSSSS

  23. OMG i have just realised I don't subscribe you yet…

  24. You can actually do better!
    After Qe3, Re5 there is Qf4!. Then if black king moves, we have Rxe5, Bxe5, Qxe5 winning the bishop; or if black plays Rf5 we have Qxc7 winning b7 bishop on the next move!

  25. The "nerd" guy in the next 7 years in the future be like: look who's brokie mother f****er

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