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  1. Wonder If his voice hurts after screaming like that

  2. He somehow found one of the worst moves in that position

  3. Nah you guys don’t get it, he forked the rook and the knight

  4. When your queen is under attack, you should just abandon it

  5. When he sacrificed the Queen it got me laughing 😂

  6. ? RxB, BxP?; g5, N moves; Rf5+, and RxB, no? What did I miss?

  7. Dude got mad like blundering was a offensive slur 💀

  8. How about queen e3, Re5, Qf4 ckeck, Rf5 to defend, QxBC8 and then its pretty one sided? Dont know chess that well, probably some kind of blunder tho

  9. to me losing queen feels like losing an organ

  10. I think you put one or two extra zeros in the title

  11. It was actually an insane queen sacrifice. He did it on purpose. Can't you see it?

  12. I have a game against my friend that I want you to review. Idk how to send you it though

  13. Lose the Queen its suck but WHY HE DONT ATLEAST TAKE THE KNIGHT

  14. Do you remember rook b1? Or at least the Reddit beads joke?

  15. Bro took sacrifice the queen to a whole new level

  16. Lmao I really thought this was gonna be a 3k endgame. You had us in the first half ngl

  17. I see nothing wrong. He played the queen's gambit.

  18. Levy added accidentally added three extra zeros in the title 💀

  19. I literally won a game while playing with a 2300+ elo

    I only had a rook and was successful to promote a pawn

  20. Thank you. I felt like losing my queen but then Levy told me not to. Great advice💯🤝

  21. Oh never knew 3000 elo chess was a thing yet

  22. Bro explained a whole endgame just to go back to the guy blundering the game

  23. Better is not kill our rock so we will have queen?

  24. I knowww it’s soooooo annoying when I wake up in a corn field in Ohio it’s happened so many times

  25. If you're gonna sac the queen, you might as well take the Knight…

  26. Check in f 4 is by for the best move.

  27. Dude got mad like blundering was a offensive slur

  28. I would of "sacrificed" the queen long before this position

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