400 Elo Chess Made Me Bald

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  1. How am I less then 150 elo and play better then this

  2. Bro in the end it's stalemate. Can't stop laughing

  3. why you call this 400 elo chess when its actually 500 elo?

  4. I actually do watch your videos in my car. Not while driving, but because it's more comfortable than any other seat in my house.

  5. If he watched my games everyone will commit sucide

  6. As a elo 370 i can definitely say i certainly don't understand how do the 400 elos play but then the computer kinda kills me

  7. The fact you see a piece attacking and then forget about it the very next move is the most 400 thing to do ever. It's absolutely stupid that it happens. But it does happen.

  8. Im 200 billion % sure they didn't promote to Queen because black queen just takes. But he NEVER used his rook. Why should we assume he knows it exists.

  9. Levy: “I’m balding”
    Me: Gets ready to press forward 6 times
    Levy: “…From watching 400 ELO chess”

    Nvm force of habit.

  10. On my fyp the top video was “AWFUL 600 elo chess” and below that is “800 elo chess is AMAZING…” 😂😂😂

  11. To answer your question at 9:45, it’s simple. As a 400 myself, just because I saw the threat last move doesn’t mean that I will see it again next move lol

  12. Levy : Retreating is gonna be the best move, 2/10 times MAX.

    Also Levy in GTE : This guy doesn't know how to do a backwards knight move!! 🤣🤣

  13. You weren’t even kidding with this. The late game is so fucking hilarious lol.

  14. This month I went from 200 to 500… I thought I was the shit til I watched this video 😂

  15. This is 3 elo even 400 don't play like this

  16. Holy shit we the same age levy😂 you was blessed by odin himself for the spectacular beard meanwhile I’m still baby face over here 😂

  17. If you think this video is funny, try playing it at half speed. Even funnier!

  18. My ahh can't call these players bad because I am perpetually a 390 rated player at best.

  19. Nothing is more satisfying than stalemating a sure lost game.

  20. 400 elo players tend to be greedy during promotions. That's how they lose.

  21. I work in a vehicle and I watch your videos on my lunch break in the truck!

  22. I am 500 elo player and I play a lot better than this

  23. you know its bad when the eval bar is playing table tennis

  24. 12 year old viewers like this comment ——>

  25. This was the moment levi became a chemistry teacher

  26. And white makes a queen and wins the-

  27. "put pieces in the mouth or other places"
    -GothamChess, 2022

  28. Jokes on you, I’m already bald. Checkmate

  29. Nah im rated lower than them and yet i still play better 💀💀💀

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