5 Chess Endgames You MUST Know

These are 5 pawn endgames you must know in chess πŸ™‚ let me know if you wanna see me doing this same type of video but with other pieces such as rooks, queens, bishops or knights!

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00:00-00:31 Intro
00:31-3:00 The Box
3:00-8:34 Opposition
8:34-11:50 Rook Pawns
11:50-15:38 Separated Pawns
15:38-20:23 Pawn Breakthroughs
20:23-25:53 Beautiful Endgame Example

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  1. When you say the king goes one step back in a different file 7:08, I think you could just say to place the king where it can't be put in opposition, so that's why you don't play Kc7 (cause of Kc5) even though Kc7 appears safest.

  2. Absolutely fantastic videos. Thankyou. Find them really helpful. Keep up the good workπŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Thank you, your videos are very helpful.

  4. after e5 is black still winning if white plays a4 and after fxg4,e4 ?

  5. Would love to see a video from you about endgames involving another piece like a bishop or rook

  6. β€œJosΓ© RaΓΊl Capablanca!” You say it so perfectly! Where’d you learn to speak Spanish so well?? – I know. Just joking πŸ˜…β€“ Capablanca is my favorite chess master – he’s the one whose famous games I’ve most played through on a board. Like music. Maybe sometime you could guide us through a Capablanca game, and explain – like a docent in a great museum?

  7. 24:23 wouldn't that be a draw Anna because the black king can't take any pawns, ans the black pawn can't capture because the white king defends it?

  8. The first two endgames and the last one I had already seen before, but the others I hadn't. More endgame videos please!

  9. Hi there,i played earlier and open and middle game i seem to hold my own and doing good.
    Then end game i fall apart some how.i have chess bible book but never understood it very well.
    Now you just showed end game tricks in person i understand it now….woohoo
    Now im confident and at least know how i was losing end games so bad lol.thankyou so much.
    Excellent πŸ‘

  10. What an excellent overview. How come there are so few views?!!!

  11. Hery MaDeMa (majapahit-demak-mataram) says:

    Nice to follow your lesson Anna….πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. Great content. I don't usually study endgames, so this was a great lesson. Hope to see more endgame videos.

  13. Great video! Thanks for sharing these useful concepts πŸ™πŸ»

  14. Fantastic videos Anna. Can you make one about mating with just a bishop and knight vs lone king? β™ŸοΈ

  15. Thanks Anna.. great lessons. Btw I have a major crush on you !! You are too cute. Hugs !!

  16. I always appreciate beauty combined with brains. Fun tutorial.

  17. Very helpful. I got beat yesterday because I didn't know these chess endings.

  18. just started a few days ago after not having played in 25 years and just the last game against the 1300 bot took me 117 turns to win. i think i could use some pointers lol.

  19. Thank you for showing me the box! I am not very experienced in this area, so I am hesitant to explore different positions. Your approach in helping me has encourged me to improve my skills. I'm sure After a little practice, I'll have the skills and confidence to take control from any position.

  20. The only endgames guys want is Them x Anna LOL. Sadly Hot girls rarely end up with Simps… oops… no chance for me then!

  21. The way you pronounced that Spanish name was actually impressive

  22. Anna, I want to watch you play as at the least a 2800 level player.
    I know you can do it.

  23. Anna there are moves you don't understand that prevents you from becoming a world champion competitor.
    Watch the world players from 3 to 5 years ago to present.
    How did they play? Understand the moves and you will be challenging the top players soon.

  24. i originally started watching this channel to fall asleep to and for some reason youtube recommended it even though i have never been interested in chess and to be honest i only clicked coz anna is cute. now I am actually interested in chess and hopefully i can learn enough to whoop all my friends hehe

  25. 2:06 a easy way to get this is to watch the diagonal(got it from botez sisters

  26. she said that name with a straight face

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