5 Common Mistakes BEGINNERS Make in Chess

5 mistakes you should avoid making in chess as a beginner! Let me know if you wanna see more videos like this 🙂

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00:00-00:39 Intro
00:39-01:49 Mistake 1: Not moving your pieces
towards the centre
01:49-03:03 Mistake 2: Moving the same
piece twice
03:03-06:47 Mistake 3: Exchanging pieces
for no reason
06:47-08:32 Mistake 4: Not calculating
attackers & defenders
08:33-13:04 Mistake 5: Not using your
king in the endgame
13:04-13:39 Outro

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  1. Now time for Magnus Carlsen to make a video titled "5 different mistakes that chess masters make"

  2. Thanks Anna I have won my 5 last games. Close to 1400!!!!🎉

  3. #4 nice, i'll try to remember this (i am a noob at chess, not read any books or anything). helpful, ty.

  4. I’m rated 1800 and still clicked this video for some reason… but it was actually some very good tips

  5. Thanks to you i think i will pick up my pieces again.. Cheers

  6. I just want to say.. I started playing on the chess app for android.. and now I have this thing where I'll just be going about my day and get the sudden sensation that I may have just made a blunder.. Like I'll pour coffee and immediately rethink that move.

  7. I feel weird. Ι don't like chess but i'm watching these videos for her.

  8. So, I'm being taught chess by a supermodel… life is amazing!!!

  9. I couldn’t concentrate….kept looking at her!

  10. Me before: Playing chess
    Me now: Playing chass

  11. oK 能 improve
    ( others real real others )( no one this)

  12. She has an unfair advantage when playing straight men. Js

  13. @10:54 Why is it called zugzwang from German and not simply translated? train compulsion

  14. watched for 11 minutes before noticing there was chess happening

  15. Anna is only teaching women; men cannot get beyond her midriff showing and her Swedish nationality.

  16. I know for a fact I'm way too aggressive. It works pretty well for me in checkers but not so well for me in chess.

  17. Can you please repeat everything you just said, I was too busy looking at your midriff 😍

  18. Merci beaucoup j’ai vraiment aimé tes conseils et vais les appliquer…seriously i love you 😘❤️💕 24/01/2023 🎊 🎉😊

  19. The question I have as a seemingly perennial beginner is what's to stop black responding with eg4 at 4:28 to make the bishop lose tempo?

  20. I love it❤

  21. I could play chess all day if I had you as my mentor. You have such a passion for the game and explain it lamens terms. Love your videos.

  22. Damn dude Anna is hot af

  23. She is so beautiful, intelligent and bright you know Anna Cramling ✔

  24. Refreshing approach to errors, thanks. I liked especially 3.4.5.

  25. 2:30 I disagree with you on this one. I do it in purpose to let my opponent make extra moves and see his/her plan to then attack and destroy. For example, In soccer, you bounce the ball back and fourth in midfield and back to let the opponenet move forward then you capitalize on their mistakes and attack. Even in wars, they do it. Its all tactics and strategies.

  26. 3:27 I disagree with you on this one also. I do exchange my pieces all the time. But I do it for a reason, to mess up my opponenet pieces and structure.

    Im level 1700 in chess. I dont think you are 2000. You look like 1200 or less.

  27. I actually move side and I'm winning…👅

  28. No elephant in the room.. But a giant Panda 🐼

  29. You didn’t grow up in the US. Your accent is from where?

  30. best thing to do is use something like Chess Pro Multiplayer & AI from the unity asset store and play against all the different UCI chess engines like Stockfish and Mittens tbh…. see all the common moves first hand. Sometimes its fun to just pit the AIs against eachother xD

  31. I play casual and not often but I enjoy the game. This is exactly what I needed ; a quick sensible easy to understand lesson.

  32. I've been watching GM Hikaru for so long. He always starts his game with a4 or h4? Why is it bad suddenly? I don't get it. He's supposed to be good, right?

  33. Thank you mostly I had these mistakes covered but I did leearn few more things so I'm glad I watched it.

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