5 Common Mistakes BEGINNERS Make in Chess

5 mistakes you should avoid making in chess as a beginner! Let me know if you wanna see more videos like this 🙂

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00:00-00:39 Intro
00:39-01:49 Mistake 1: Not moving your pieces
towards the centre
01:49-03:03 Mistake 2: Moving the same
piece twice
03:03-06:47 Mistake 3: Exchanging pieces
for no reason
06:47-08:32 Mistake 4: Not calculating
attackers & defenders
08:33-13:04 Mistake 5: Not using your
king in the endgame
13:04-13:39 Outro

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  1. What is your score guys? Im 800 (playing one week)tryin my best

  2. Vad är reglerna för kina schack? 🫢🫣🤭🥹🇸🇪
    Älskar dina videor, sorry för trollandet 😏

  3. Bishop attacking the knight at the beginning is just dumb and still beginners doing it even if you telling Them its dumb and sensless.

  4. I’m sorry but I’m just a bit distracted here. I’m sure she’s a good teacher but I can’t keep my mind on what she’s saying🤣🤣🤣

  5. Not gonna lie. Never played chess, seems real cool and I’m very oddly turned on. Gal is smart af and pretty neat to look at.

  6. 4:23 But what if the opponent then move the pawn to g5? They literally forced your knight back down and could potentially be trapped while the opponent developed their pawns?

  7. beginner mistake #6: being distracted by the beautiful girl from Sweden who can utterly destroy you in chess

  8. Great advice. I’m new to chess & ty for the video.

  9. I wonder why you call the game CHASS.. 😁

  10. WTF. Dress up properly. Don't wh… yourself out. Or are all women wh…s?

  11. What an excellent video! Thank you very much!

  12. Thanks to discovering you on YouTube I have just started playing again after 30 years and this clip is GREAT!! ❤thank you ❤

  13. I literally just played a game and made 2/5 mistakes highlighted here after watching the video lol

  14. C4 is my favorite play, I feel like it can be rather explosive. Heh

    This video just made me realize how doomed my endeavors In chess are.

  15. I didn't know the 5th trick.
    And yet it's like on a squash court, you always have to occupy the center.
    Thank you

  16. I have been trying to find tips and hints here and there and it’s usually not this informative. Thank you. Lol

  17. i didnt know zugzwang is generic – i thought its only a german word

  18. Great video. Very informative for a novice like me. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Even though I'm not a beginner anymore, I may still easily make the 5th mistake

  20. Hello Anna all the way from Louisiana!!! Thank u for these tips! Much appreciated. I’ve never been taught how to play chess. The only way I’ve ever learned is by losing and having many blunders. This is a good vid. Thank you again!

  21. Zugzwang? I was surprised to learn that there is a German word used in English in chess 😮

  22. I do mistake 3 a lot. The reason is that as a beginner less pieces means simpler game. So I have to feeling to be able to strategize more after an null exchange.

  23. I’m best in my family , because I don’t follow books , they ( nephews and siblings) because they learn gambits and can’t adjust to my moves that aren’t gambit plays they know how to defend…it

  24. Ain't no beginner i will play against you and i will win😘

  25. Is it just me or are low rated players harder than players in the early 1000 range? I’m about 1000 (I fluctuate a bit), and any time I go against a player much lower than me, like several hundreds points lower, they always give me a very difficult time and I’ve even lost to them. The stuff they do is insane and makes no sense. They set up traps and go for quick kills, they play overly aggressive and next thing I know I’m frantically defending my king. I’m talking 600 rated players. Then I’ll play a 1000 rated player and it’ll be a clean, smooth, much easier game, and I usually win. It almost feels like low rated players are either better players that are sandbagging, or they’re new players who are getting better faster than their ELO is developing, or they’re cheating certain moves. Either that or the rating system is complete bullshit until you hit like 1300.

  26. Why do woman have to undress to explain something ?

  27. Great video! But try not to smile too much it’s distracting 😂

  28. Now time for Magnus Carlsen to make a video titled "5 different mistakes that chess masters make"

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