8 Unbelievable Endgames By Magnus Carlsen

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Magnus Carlsen’s 8 Best Endgame Victories (subjective).

0:00 Intro
0:52 Endgame 1 – Radjabov
6:46 Endgame 2 – Hikaru
11:24 Endgame 3 – Vallejo
18:42 Endgame 4 – Fedoseev
24:06 Endgame 5 – Firouzja
29:31 Endgame 6 – Olychess
34:17 Endgame 7 – Aronian
39:05 FINAL – Giri

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  1. Whenever Gotham says how bad I am I just laugh and agree 🤣 I finally beat nelson today and it was twice in a row.

  2. Another good video but on game 3, Vallejo. It shows Vallejo is black and Magnus white on the bottom right but you said Magnus was Black. Sure it’s just a simple mistake but threw me ofF.

  3. I actually enjoyed the analysis in the form of story telling.

  4. I actually did hang a rook in that position once. Sad day

  5. Levy calling me out that i would hang a rook,
    i have done that, mouseslipped when turning a pawn into queen, got a rook instead, and pretty much immediately blundered it to a knight, and swiftly after that resigning due to mate in 2

  6. There are instances of fighting fire with fire like letting smth burn down or suffocating a specific area with smoke ig

  7. He has something like a 90% accuracy in End Games.

  8. at 5:47, why wasn't radjabov able to play nb2, winning the bishop on a4 after Carlsen moves out of check?

  9. woah, levy you are simply awesome on commentary so that 45mins went like 2 mins for me. Thanks for stealing my time and would like to invite you to steal more of my precious time with videos like this…

  10. Imagine playing magnus and you offer an endgame on move 3, crazy!

  11. For me 13years old Magnus is Terrifying
    Toying with World champion and former World champion
    That is insane

  12. Tremendous analysis! Thank you so much for your insights into the game of chess.

  13. 11:20 hahaha Im dying of laughter, this was such a justified sass statement, love it

  14. Do you have the colors wrong in every match or am I just not following the narration well.

  15. I don’t understand whats a legal and illegal move for the king

  16. In a losing position, it's about perfect play and how many traps you set for your opponent.

  17. ‘You would hang a rook in this situation’ is actually the best classy chess trash talk line ever

  18. Levy showing his homosexuality for magnus for 45 mins

  19. My girlfriend is telling me that she will send you an email to stop making videos so she can spend more time with me 😅🙏 you make som good content, thank you, helps me a lot and its very interesting. 49 minutes felt like 5

  20. You are very entertaining sir 👏🏿 I sincerely enjoy the "videos " you post I congratulate you for being a member of the younger generation , thank you for extending the interest in centuries long subject of chess , you have done something of emmence importance (in the annuals of time) (I know that sounds dramatic ) to provoke deep thought …. to be more
    succinct… thank you sir. Your " videos" are GREAT! THANK YOU 😊 THANK YOU 😊

  21. Endgame in chess is like putting in golf

  22. Hey Levy the 50 move rule doesn’t apply in certain endgames where table base shows it requires >50 moves just FYI it’s in the rules

  23. Magnus is so sassy when he plays. Or maybe Gotham makes him sound like it

  24. Bro is just an Im and thinks he's the best in the world by taking a dig at those who are just trying to learn by watching him. Perfect 🤡

  25. I mean if you say I find a way to convince Magnus to give me a free rook I must be pretty good at convincing people so I’ll take that as a compliment

  26. as a rapids 400 player i can confirm i would blunder a rook in the hikaru vs magnus position

  27. Gotham: Have you learned anything from this video yet?
    Me: Yes, he’s playing Magnus Carlsen.

  28. I will definitely hang a rook in that position

  29. YOU take ME
    magnus is such a power bottom

  30. Magnus is the GOAT, the BOAT, the COAT, the SOAT and all..

  31. Awesome explanation. Really admire your ability to discuss articulately with stream of consciousness.

  32. Thanks again for your amazing commentary! You’re the best!

  33. 2:45 I learned I would hang my rook when I don’t have a rook 😂😂

  34. Magnus is the type of player who would win an end game with opposite coloured bishops

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