A Grandmaster Plays a Beginner Pt. 2 | Chess Mastery Explained

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-Back by popular demand, Daniel faces an intermediate player in a combative game with a longer time control of 15 minutes per player. This time control allows Daniel to thoroughly discuss his thought process behind every move, along with countless in-game tips about strategy and tactics.


  1. C5 was very loosening he should have just developed a piece probably ND7 . He certainly would have lost but not as quickly!

  2. “I actually hate omelets, but more on that later.” 😂😂😂

  3. Daniel has such a unique personality and explaining style. Thank you for the great video man!!!

  4. He never explained his disliking for omelettes

  5. Thank you! This is so instructive for me.

  6. Why did you decide instantly to create the passed pawn on the same side as the opponents king? My beginner instincts told me to put the rook on E1 to cut his king off then create the passed pawn on the other side of the board much more easily.

  7. I actually hate omelets umm…. Yeah so more about that later

  8. The amount of vocab used in this video is impressive

  9. This baffles me every time I arrive at Danya's channel, "Why doesn't this channel have over a million subs !?"🔥

  10. “I actually hate omelets, um, but more on that later.”
    Daniel Naroditsky, Grand Master

  11. 15mins feel like a century to him, like a blink of eye an for me 🥲

  12. Why not the black pawn to C5, putting pressure on the Knight at 07:58?

  13. I mean, the talent of this man to control a 1500 player who is clearly hardly a "beginner", whilst giving such a succinct and instructive lecture completely off the cuff, in real time. What a time to be a student of the game to have completely free content like this. Thankya Danya

  14. Thanks for a great instructive video. I really learned a lot from this and really want more like this.
    Thank you again.

  15. Black's move …Ne5-d3 was "interposition", not "interception". i.e., the Black Knight "interposed" itself on d3, between White's Qd2 and Nd5.

  16. I could literally play with this guy, while he explains in detail every one of mine and HIS moves, and still lose because I wouldn't find an opening, even when knowing what he is planing: Amazing!

  17. When he said beginner i thought it would be a 500 rating opponent

  18. He is fully correct about the chess principles, holding people back from becoming better at chess, principles are ideas, not rules set in stone, and ideas are flexible and meant to be bend to one's will.

  19. 25:00 Is why I watching back every upload of Danya. It's like watching a magic trick unfold in front of you.

  20. Problem is at the lower levels say below 1300-1400 a lot of players don't know what they are doing they just move and hope for the best. There is no concrete planning in the way that happens at the higher levels to the point where prophylaxis is practically inapplicable. I mean your opponent makes a move and he himself does not know really why he made it. There's a lot of that at the lower levels I would say

  21. Queen's Gambit would have been a good show if it wasn't super political.

  22. 13:26 this is exactly how you would describe artists who have mastered the fundamentals and now they break the rules of Art and create new art. Very well said

  23. I was with ya until you said you hate omelets

  24. Was overwhelmed by how well you explained the theory and thought processes. I wanted to leave an original/meaningful comment but I saw this one below and I couldn't say it better: Daniel, thank you so much for doing these. They have been so incredibly instructive I can't even describe.

    You are THE best at breaking down these concepts for mere mortals like us.

  25. Hey Mr Pilot! Your move briefings and opponent move analysis are incredible. I being a Resigned ERJ-175 FO, am a fairly good situational awareness guy but as we know the weather changes. With that said, you are doing more for guys like me, who want to have a higher rating but dont get there. Your style of move briefings will help us understand when to throttle back and put the flaps down, or speed up and roll twenty degrees to the right to intercept, and voila checkmate. My point is, I hope you can find it in you to do more of this exact lesson. because I study openings over and over and try them and get my tail spun. On the flip side, listening to you brief the moves is amazing and real. So thank you. your my new instructor. Would love to fly right seat with you. Thank you Daniel. Im hangered at KSDM, building a Cozy MKIV. Almost Flying. Trying to get my rating higher.

  26. I will throw you some duckets as soon as my season comes back. spring and summer. winter I am strapped but you will hear from me again.

  27. Love the first video….. thank you for this video….. Educational and entertaining 👍🏼

  28. I just checked the latest chess rankings in the US. It has you at #16. Not bad. I was surprised to see Hans Niemann so high, given his controversies…

  29. Alekhine derided The Modern (not named that at the time) in his Best Games collection

  30. To everyone that's questioning the fact that a 1400 rated player is being called a beginner, i am 1429 rated and feel like a fucking dumbass watching danya 👍

  31. "plays beginner"

    i was thinking about 600 – 800 elo.

  32. AMAZING !!!!!!! so instructive and clear !!!!!

  33. What a great video Danya! Hats off to you

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