Advanced Pawn Endgame Concepts | Beginner to Master | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

This video continues our journey into the heart of pawn endgames with a detailed overview of all things related to proper king use. We examine the 9 most important king use techniques, and then put them into practice by carefully analyzing a wealth of real-life examples.

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00:00 Intro
01:44 Waiting Move Sacrifice
14:40 Moving The Lawn
27:00 Moving Your Opponent’s Pawns
40:10 Inducing Weaknesses
50:10 Corresponding Squares
01:01:10 Keeps The Pawns Back
01:07:00 Conclusion

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  1. 25:20 – if you really want to show your opponent, play the move a6 here:D

  2. In position 46:26 white to move:
    We don't necessarily have to go for the king side pawns ig bcoz we can play Kb3 and black has to play h5 after which we can play Ka3 and black has no more waiting moves and would have to retreat the king and give us the queen

  3. this is modern equivalent of a powerful chess book. thanks Danya!

  4. I can watch Danya as a TV series. It's so friendly and interesting that even such a long endgame analysis looks so interesting. Thanks Sensei 🤲❤️

  5. Video quality is great danny,love the green tone…Great uploads,many thanks sir.

  6. I like these videos but in my opinion the situations are too complex. I would the initial definition then a simpler example rather than a complicated grandmaster game.

    Still a good series!

  7. Only commenting for the algorithm love. Great series!🎃

  8. Worry less about the length of the video. It's clear you go to great lengths to convey these concepts as concisely as they allow; the ones of us who are here to learn are glad to watch a video of any length as long as you're not wasting time – which I haven't gotten a single sniff of thus far. These are complex topics and, personally, I would hate for you to cut yourself short and not thoroughly and clearly explain yourself MUCH more than I would be worried about watching a video for an hour and a half. We are all just so grateful that you are putting this content out for free for us to enjoy and study. I know everyone says this but seriously, this is such incredible stuff. Please keep up the amazing work <3

  9. 25:19 Instructions unclear — trolled opponent with a6 a5 and lost because e8=Q Qg8+…!

  10. The more I watch these videos, the more I think I pronounce Zugzwang wrong. I am German.

  11. Thank you, this is the best end game pawn video on YT so far!

  12. I hereby vow that I will solve all 10 positions in the next video without watching the solution.

  13. Amazing series, thank you so much for your efforts!

  14. The corresponding squares study was awesome! I was wondering what happens if white messes up and allows black to occupy the corresponding square, and then white tries to go back to e5, hoping black would also follow with Ka5. That would be a mistake because white can again play Kf5 and win. Turns out (I used the engine) black has to go Ka7/Kb7, and then if white goes Kf5, black has to be really careful to be in a position where they can occupy the corresponding square no matter where white goes. Amazing!

  15. Commenting for the algorithm. Let's gooo

  16. Just instantly solved a puzzle 1500 pts over my rating thanks to this video.

  17. The pawns–black and white–minded squares
    The kings opposed moves charted there
    After mowing the lawn
    Their trousers were gone
    And the kings continued to glare

    Btw, these videos go fast.

  18. I love endgames, they are so technical and precise!!!

  19. 1:00:45 not really. F5 is corresponding with B5, not A5. The problem is not that black is on A5, the problem is that black cannot access B5 because white's pawn prevents it.

  20. This videos are absolutely amazing. It is much appreciated. I will try to advertise the channel and the series in my chess club. Keep up the work please.

  21. This is incredible thanks a ton for these. That Persson-Ragger/moving the opponent's pawns example was really instructive, I would have never thought that position was drawable, but now I have added this "chucking the pawns to force a drawn king pawn vs king endgame" idea to my toobox for seemingly lost positions.

  22. I wouldn't mind if you took all the time you needed to explain everything you want about each example, instead of rushing to fit it all into an hour

  23. This is crazy good. I am going to watch the whole series again as its not trivial to comprehend everything in one go. Thank you Danya. Hopefully you hit 300K subs soon and then go on towards 1M subs sometime in future.

  24. wow all of the videos in this series are fantastic but this one is really the most informative chess video ive ever watched, won so many more games with just a basic memory of these concepts

  25. Really the best explaination you will get on youtube

  26. I think Danya actually made a mistake… or maybe not a mistake based on the definition he gave but at least an inconsistency in logic – 1:00:43
    I feel like really b5 and f5 are corresponding squares except that whites pawn covers b5. Saying a5 and f5 are corresponding squares is just really saying that a5 is a corresponding square because the real corresponding square is unavailable. It makes the pattern less identifiable..

  27. Danya is the best teacher there is, 2 minutes ad is now playing, so Im taking this time to write this comment
    Supporting at least in some way, when you are doing all of this for free
    Thank you

  28. Surely somebody said already but the position in 12:45 is called Trebuchet.

  29. You showed the Runbinstein game already in your first endgame video.

  30. Has to be the number one channel for those of us who want to get better at chess

  31. The length of the video doesn't matter Danya, we can just pause it and come back to it if we can't watch all in one sitting. Thank you for the awesome master class

  32. In the last position Danya.. why is the corresponding square to f5 a5 and not b5? Black loses either way but technically the corresponding square should be b5 no?

  33. I actually want to stop playing chess. But because of this video I decided to keep playing chess 😂. Thank you GM 🙏 you made Chess easy to digest

  34. Best Serious (educational) chess channel on Youtube. Didn't think someone could beat Tony Rotella 🙂

  35. The corresponding example has an error. The corresponding square to F5 is not A5. After Kf5-Ka5 white has the opposition with Ke5 and wins after Ka6, Ke6, Ka7, Ke7.

  36. I prefer gothamchess for opening but for middle game and end game no one is better than naroditsky…

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