Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

In today’s video I show you how to stop 2 protected passed pawns with your rook to avoid losing this chess endgame.

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  1. What if he moves his king to move up both pawns

  2. why not after rc6 u go kd6? i suck at chess but this move seems better

  3. I don't play alot of chess but I love solving puzzles and this puzzle is fun

  4. I just checked it turns out you’re Emirati السلام من البحرين 🇧🇭 ❤️🇦🇪

  5. that looked easy when u showed it…but i could have missed it in the actual game…being a 1600+

  6. After rook goes back to control the past pawn and you push the other pawn when black moves his king closer king to d 7 wins the game

  7. If Kd7 is done then black will move king or rook in order to still be able to kill a pawn and then if we push the c pawn then rook takes the b pawn and then the c pawn is pinnity ponnity pinned

  8. in the second case he show the king more closer than in case 1

  9. Pawn b6 joins the chat.

  10. but why do you need to promote you can push pawn behind king and then promote and then you second pawn is a quenn

  11. Wouldn’t king b5 work too after first rook move cuz then rook can’t take right pawn and if the king is skewered then the pawn still protects it so you can move your king diagonally again and no more checks exists so you can start pushing

  12. bro thats dumb u can't attak a pawn with king like this cuz thats a check

  13. What if he does not take the rook? But goes back to protect the pawns

  14. "How do I do this move with my opponent? "

  15. What if the black king approach and… I just walk by?

  16. im starting to think that chess is a racist game

  17. I think kd6 for white king controlling the c pawn. The rook can't take it, so black will move his king.
    White will progress with c pawn paralling the b pawn. That 's it.

  18. I like this channel because it’s entertaining and very instructive unlike some other chess shorts channels rn lol

  19. In this position…could you checkmate with black?

  20. The only way black would win this game is if they go Rook b5, and then White moves the King. Any other combination is a draw or a loss for black

  21. White to move, pawn on b7 and pawn on c6 and king on c7! (The king can move to d7 – the pawns are protected and you can promote them?)

    Why didn’t he do this???

  22. If the king is on c7, we move to d 7 and protect a pawn can we win like that

  23. In second variation king can go on d7 if rook takes the pawn takes rook king can't chase the pawn and white wins

  24. One question: Instead of Queening what if white play Kingd7 what will we do

  25. Nice problems, but too much boom boom noise hiperactive trashh splash booboom statam.
    If you know what I mean…

  26. Well I suck at chess but at one point king puts himself into check

  27. white wins after the first move kd6 wihout pushing b7

  28. Considering that Black had a Rook vs 2 Pawns endgame I consider that a draw is still a loss, cus if you are 3 points up on the board and needing to draw or lose, that's embarrassing.

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