An absolutely delightful endgame | Magnus Carlsen vs Aryan Tari | Commentary by Sagar

Many people consider Magnus Carlsen to be the greatest endgame player to have ever graced the game of chess. While almost everyone sort agrees to this, it is always good to every once in a while reaffirm this fact. What you will witness in this game is an absolute delightful display of endgame principles. The concept of waiting moves, zugzwang, do not hurry, king activation, sharp calculation and so much more. This battle between World no.1 and Norway no.1 Magnus Carlsen vs Norway no.2 Aryan Tari from the 3rd round of the World Cup 2023 is sure to teach you a lot. And IM Sagar Shah will help you along the way with his commentary.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus sacrificed the rook knowing that he'll be winning the king and pawn endgame, I on the other blunder stalemate with two queenz👍

  2. Magnus changed his hair style from ponytail,looks nice.

  3. Is it unfortunate for aryan that he is in the era of magnus

  4. Magnus carlsen ❤❤ love from India

  5. Magnus : Omae wa mou shindeiru
    Aryan : NANI?!

  6. Aryan has no idea that the game is already lost.

  7. This format is gold for chess – well done to the commentator!

  8. Black should have kept his queen on board by playing Ra8 rather than ba3+ and try to push two passed pawns on a7 and b6.

  9. this is unfair….why always magnus against tari….tari is amazing player….let him play…..u guys always stop him bringing magnus

  10. It's sad to knock your best friend out of the tournament

  11. And he sacrificed the rrooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. I have never seen such a brilliant endgame. It proves Carlsen has studied chess to its limits, taking everything into consideration.

  13. Enjoyed your commentary once again Sagar. You keep us totally engrossed. Good game .

  14. Sagar, keep a live board…your analysis board is confusing with live positions

  15. Rook scarifies magnus calculations
    Endgame adroit

  16. Wow…. Sensational chess…. This man Magnus is king

  17. Damn what fascinates about Chess games is when the opponent knows that he cant do anything to prevent the sequence of their opponents winning moves leading to an option of resigning. If I was in a Magnus position, I wouldve never sacrificed my rook just to win that calculated endgame because Im not at that high level where im capable to do that.

  18. Everytime Aryan Tari plays a Move. Magnus disappears into oblivion, probably calculating Check mate in 30 moves

  19. For information, Tari is of Iranian descent and former Norway chess champion and the most handsome GM to boot.

  20. I’m so glad to have found your channel. Your commentary is the best and with the live video I feel totally immersed. Also I’m learning a lot too Thank you for opening a deeper world of chess for me!

  21. Sagar ,i hope we get to see a recap of Ju wenjun games

  22. Amazing game by two world class Grand-Masters!
    Carlsen is just legendary and makes it look easy!

    With that out of the way, IM Sagar breaks it down with much glee (deservingly so)!
    The commentator possesses a deep understanding of the game, and is also a chess fan!
    One of the best elite chess commentators (if not the best)!

    I also love how a long game is reduced in such a way that there is nothing lost in commentary.
    A wonderful chess highlight!

  23. That's the best chess analysis video format. Classical chess + condensed video of the game + board analysis with (great) commentary. We are so fortunate to have ChessBase India!

  24. 19:42 – That small look up by Tari – he think he had saved it and then.. booom !

  25. This indian commentator is a treasure of chess .

  26. could this game be a prearranged ? they are a good friends after all and same country.

  27. what is the motive of writing down every move, isn't it very annoying to write down on every move, can't it be tracked digitally using the board

  28. Magnus plays H4 and Aryan makes a face like "oh great I'm in Magnus's prep, been here before"

  29. it must suck to be a chess genius in magnus's times.

  30. One thing is very important while playing magnus carlsen is that you have to take care of the crucial intermezzos which magnus carlsen is doing best in his games

  31. Dear Sagar, u need to make the 2D screen bigger in your recaps ..plz very hard to focus as it's too tiny even the 65" inch screen does not help .. an idea could be to split the screen to 2 half one with the 2D board, and another with the players might help a lot ..🤔😀

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