Beginner To Master | Chess Speedrun | Najdorf Sicilian | Grandmaster Naroditsky

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Part 1:


  1. Thanks for the free lessons and general chess knowledge Danya. I've gotten a lot stronger in no small part because of you, and I recently defeated my first titled player – a CM from Brazil – on Lichess. Thank you for helping me get to this point.

  2. So he's been moist/charlie the dragon? Can that be found in his recent twitch vods?

  3. Hi Daniel. Do you recommend any books or resources that have helped you become a better player ?? Thank you for the awesome content!

  4. I know the pressure of playing against Danya and knowing that thousands of people will be watching you has to be a terrifying experience and significantly affect your play. But at this point it is quite frustrating when interesting positions I feel I can learn something new from (I never play the Sicilian myself) get instantly ruined by early blunders and hanging pieces…

  5. Very nice that the opening is written in the (thing, can’t remember what it’s called haha) so you know!!

  6. Can Najdorf also be considered a hypermodern opening? It's true you trade the white's d pawn so he doesn't have the full center, but you also end up controlling the center with pieces only, until the timely break in the center

  7. The e6 Scheveningen is a shenanigen variation

  8. Danya asks ALL the questions that I’m thinking lol … he’s a mindreader as well as a wizard 👏👏👏

  9. Danya: "I'm not really going to go deeper into this variation"
    Me: … but that's the variation i face the most ;(

  10. Opponent has 15 min on the clock and blunders knight for free, what kind of joke is this?

  11. Why do you pronounce it "sit-cillian" instead of "sicilian"? Not being a douche, genuine question.

  12. I saw this on stream in the middle of January lol

  13. "I am not in danger I am the danger! I'm the one who knocks"
    – GM Daniel Naroditsky.
    Oh, wait, the wrong citation, same vibe, though.

  14. Any hypermodernist here wanna talk about bishops biting on granite?

  15. One of the most wholesome channels on the internet.

  16. Danya I know you were worried about doing another speedrun in terms of quality, but I just want to say that I've enjoyed these longer games a lot more. They are much more educational for me when you can explain things more deeply during the game, the after game analysis isn't as helpful to me, because during the game I can think about how I would play the position without knowing what you would do specifically.

  17. Wait daniel is pronouncing sicilian with hard c not with s
    What is the correct way to say in english?

  18. awesome, I've been hearing a lot about the Najdorf, and this is a great intro into it

  19. Bc5 safer?
    Im scared to death with jerome gambit bruh

  20. i love your videos, but you played a 1400 and a 900 in a 1700 rated video. this is my chess rating and was a hit disappointed to see such low rated opponents

  21. So wholesome how he thanks all his opponents for the game:)

  22. Daniel could you please make more videos like the one you did on how to play against the stafford gambit but on the gambits which are known to be risky or easy to punish like the king's, danish and other gambits? I really love that video and now I actually enjoy when people try to play the stafford against me.

  23. 31:15 but it allows Evan's gambit, which is also a ton of theory and very dangerous for black

  24. I watched this when it was first published here. I watched it again today after trying out the najdorf myself as black. I learned so much the first time.

    I learned even more today the second time i watched it. Ill be back in another month to see if more is learned a 3rd time.

    Thank you Danya for the informative series.

  25. For those interested in trying Scheveningen Sicilian/Najdorf positions, try Nbd7 instead of Nc6 sometimes (only after Qc7). Jumping to c5 could be helpful and when you move the dark-squared bishop back to f8 you have an extra defender on the f6 knight. It also has the subtle advantage of not blocking in your fianchettoed light-squared bishop.

    – a lowly patzer

  26. D5 square is a problem in almost every Sicilian variation 😢

  27. The grandiose sphynx unexplainably tumble because scorpion wailly tremble amongst a wide-eyed cooking. bloody, actually caravan

  28. Another great lesson from Danya. I think we've all experienced the same thing, with an opponent's knight sitting somewhere pretty and we're just a bit too late in kicking it out … then later on paying for it. Lesson learned. Kick out nicely posted knights ASAP.

  29. I also hate the ”come to papa-line” but not due to the reason you might think. My dad actually left me as a kid so I never had a papa to come to….

  30. Always salivating at these comfortable Najdorf positions 🤤

  31. this guy is from 1995. HE was rated over 2000 in 2006. That means he is only 11 years old. Amazing. And he just kept training and learning chess. This puts in perspective just how strong GM's are.

  32. at my rating point 1300ish… i dont need GM level games, because i barely can't catching up the moves and quite unrelated to my level. but more basic intsructional video like this helps me improvr A LOT

  33. Danya just want you to know that I really love and appreciate all the content that you put out to help beginners and intermediate players like me. Please never stop making these videos! Stay safe.

  34. Finally someone explains the ideas of the Najdorf! I'm 39 – I don't believe in dragons anymore.

  35. In the second game, when she lost her queen, I would have said "now you resign", definitely most instructive

  36. What is the theory after Pg3 and Pg6 in the Italian?

  37. His 'I want to be the one coming to papa' reminds me of 'I am the one who knocks' from Breaking Bad. 🙂

  38. what if black plays Bb5+ instead of Nc3

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