Best Chess Books to Improve in Chess (Middlegames, Endgames and Openings)

Chess Books I recommended:


◆Caro kann (Lars Schandorff):
◆English Opening 1 (Mihail Marin):
◆English Opening 2 (Mihail Marin):
◆English Opening 3 (Mihail Marin):


◆Winning Chess Strategies (Yasser Seirawan):

◆How to Reasses your Chess (Jeremy Silman):

◆Sacrifice and Initiative (Ivan Sokolov):

◆Endgame Manual (Mark Dvoretsky):

•Bonus Book:
◆50 Essential Chess lessons (Steve Giddins):

•Other Opening books (Based on a research, I do not have these):

◆d4 opening:

◆e4 opening:

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What are the best chess books for chess players to improve their chess skills in middlegames, endgames and in openings? Well, in this video, I have shown you some of my recommendations for best chess books for players as beginners, intermediate and also advanced chess players. All books are written in a very understandable and fun way. They are written by well known chess players are writers. In the future, I will also do videos on other important chess books to have, such as books with tactics, chess history and so on… Hope you liked my recommendations and todays video called: Best Chess Books to Improve in Chess (Middlegames, Endgames and Openings) for best chess books out there 😉

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  1. Great video, could you put a book on in general opening principle and little advanced tactics.

  2. Nice recommendations. I'll check Lars Schandorff's. Thx.

  3. Any Recommendations on best Game Collection (I like Fischer's My 60 memorable games,My best games by Bent Larsen,Rubinsteins 100 Chess Masterpieces by kmoch,My life and games by Mikhail Tal,etc Any other Good books?)

  4. Can I read ''50 Essential Chess Lessons‘‘ in German?

  5. Having read eveything from Marin more than once, I'd like to note that English Opening 3 (Mihail Marin) Opening Reportoire book is pretty bad and has tons of impractical+bad line suggested.
    The first and second book from his 1.c4 reportoire are great.

  6. Just found your video. Thank you so much for sharing

  7. Your videos are really good, thank you for sharing this

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