Best Chess Openings for Beginners | Basic Ideas & Principles | Chess Openings | IM Andrey Ostrovskiy

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In this video, IM Andrey Ostrovskiy is sharing with you his recommendation, which three openings are best for beginner players. Basic ideas and principles for the covered openings will be explained. The main focus here is on how to develop the pieces properly and to get a basic understanding for the openings.

Check out the mentioned openings from the video here:

Playlist: Italian Game

Playlist: Basics of the Queen’s Gambit

Playlist: French Defense

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  1. This does not seem like its for beginners to me.

  2. 1:18 this is what more instructors need to do! U give the "point" of why this is important!

  3. Can u beat me in chess lets play online you can suggest me good application in mobile

  4. You really are such a calm. True chess player

  5. Fascinating! As an avid chess player and enthusiast I enjoyed the video keep up the good work!

  6. I love the Italian game but sometimes play the Ruy Lopez to mix it up gotta keep your opponent guessing! As black I usually play 1.e5 in response to 1.e4 by white. I tend to stick to open games but can play 1.d4 and other closed openings if necessary.

  7. French is awful for learning as a beginner, just fyi.

  8. What if the opponent doesn't counter the opening the way it's supposed to be countered?

  9. What if you’re a very aggressive player ? What opening would be better suited for that ?

  10. You're the true chessboard player and I will love to like you

  11. If if you read my like the comment I did this is my real come my kind coming and the kind coming I'm going to give you his you're the best YouTuber of chess players in the world initially so so impressed by your videos

  12. Very good lesson … maybe u shd have included 2 or 3 more openings … I was sad it ended so early

  13. I think I am more of a beginner than what you call a beginner. 😄

  14. .Is it just me or does he not look like Ragnar lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) in vikings

  15. Love the youtube chess community no toxic behaviour and if anyone has something to say its constructive criticism

  16. I loved this, thank you so much!
    I learned how all the pieces move as a young child, and used to play with my dad or grandpa on occasion. But nobody ever bothered to tell me how strategy is supposed to work, I just moved whatever I felt like while trying to avoid losing my pieces. Now at age 24 I remembered chess exists and I realized have the option to just look up how to progress my playing from when I was 8! I haven't felt this exited to learn and try what I learned in years 😀

  17. What is your thought on the Scandinavian? I like it very much, even though I understand that it is not suitable for high-elo games. But on a beginner level it is very strong.

  18. I love this video. Very clearly explained and well paced. Your voice is reassuring and calm.

  19. I think some parts of the lesson were pretty hard to understand

  20. Thank you! As a beginner learner, I am getting so frustrated with the tendency for learning materials to focus on memorization of game openings, middle game, and end game moves without any insight as to the idea or purpose behind them.

  21. My issue is that I look for someone start their moves like you do but they never seem to start it out the way I need to in order to implement these beginning moves..

  22. Is it possible to play chess for fun, and leave out the Check, Italian, or Boston Bean openings? I got a Rennaisance Chess set back in 1963, and let my dad cream me left and right! Gambits, openings and development strategies meant nothing to me at that time! The last serious game I played was in 1972, the game went 23 moves with not a single piece removed, that is until I made the wrong 24th, and that is when he cleaned my cloth! Royally!

  23. I heard that e4 leads to so many variations that it's difficult for a beginner; I started with the Czech Pirc (for white as well as black!) as it seems to be playable against most openings.
    Just starting to look at the King's Indian & London systems now.

  24. I"m just starting out learning chess. I have hard time committing openings to memory. The only open I know is Giuoco Piano Game Giuoco Pianissimo Variation. For some reason I have that one committed to memory.

  25. Worst video over. So much talking for nothing

  26. Can get a link to that chess board? it's looks so clean

  27. I am searching sooooo much for a beginners guide.

    And you literally move 5 pieces to d4 or f blah blah that a "beginner" would never understand. In like 10 seconds.

    So my question to you…

    Can you recommend a beginners guide?

  28. blank white wall, horrible audio. pls fix haha

  29. I don't know if the Italian game is such a good idea for beginners lol. Wayyy too much opportunity to blunder. It's too strategic I think

  30. In Germany we say : "ich habe nur Bahnhof verstanden".

  31. You must have been playing chess too long to remember how to teach beginners, because you go quickly and explain each point in just a sentence or two, referring to principles not previously mentioned.

  32. I’m the opposite of all the comments I see on these chess videos. I want to learn chess, and now I feel like I should watch this queens gambit show lol

  33. Question, at 3:05 when he moves to C4 with white, why would black not just capture and take that free pawn? and if they do, what is the correct response from white?

  34. You move rather fast, I had to slow it down to .80 ! But your board and super clean background are impressive. I wish more guitar playing videos were like this. Seeing dirty clothes in a messy room distracts me.

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