Beware of Stalemate

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  1. I stalemated like 5 times bc of this endgame, thanks!!

  2. If king goes b5 to a6 then the game over so much before

  3. Why didn’t king go b6 to take the undefended pawn while whites king was on approach?

  4. I got this position when I was 10 and didn't manage to win. I got second place in that tournament and was really pissed.

  5. i would have promoted to rook just to bm my opponent💀

  6. how can you know what is a stalemate and what isnt

  7. What is wrong with stalemating them? I am honestly curious.

  8. Take the rock with Bishop and it wouldn't became settlement, only move your king to c8

  9. I Dont Understand, If King Moves c7 Isnt That a checkmate??

  10. Wait if you just move the king don’t you think It's checkmate 🤔🤔🤔

  11. This is actually one of my favorite endgames

  12. I love the part where he won

  13. when white king was on b5 he can just move on a6 and stalemate

  14. "Don't go to red squares"
    "Play kc5 which is on a red square"

  15. Habia un mate mas rapido con el rey en a 6 y el peon en b7

  16. I accidentally stalemate the other person when i'm winning more often than i lose

  17. I’ve been in this exact position in a tournament before

  18. Why didn't black just take the botom pawn after taking the bishop?

  19. i thinh we can checkmate by move king to 6a and move pawn to 7d

  20. After all nothing is stopping me from stale mating with queen iam so scared that if I have 2 pawns I make 2 rooks

  21. That's all for todays video, I hope you enjoyed.

  22. This is the first chess yt short that actually teaches something insted of showing of a ridiculous scenario you'll never get, good job

  23. Пожертвовал пешку:
    — ЖеРтВа ФеРзЯ!!!!1!!!

  24. It was almost a stalemate bcs of 1 square

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