Brilliant rook sacrifice in chess endgame 🥶 #chess

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  1. Thanks for watching ❤Why is this move BRILLIANT?Fun fact: I got this position in a game I played like an hour ago. We had low time (I was actually playing as white, and I ended up winning because he didn't find this move)

  2. It is brillant because if rook takes the rook the knight will take the bishop and fork the rook and the king. If the rook took the knight the black rook can recapture the rook

  3. After you take the rook, knight takes bishop fork. Rook takes knight. And boom white is still winning

  4. Alright, time to essay up.
    Rf2+ is !! because it ends up winning the game. If Rxf2, Ne4+ captures the bishop and wins the rook.
    If they don't take and move their king, we win a bishop and we are still winning.
    Additionally, the pieces are capable of working together and checkmating the king within a few moves regardless of whether they take or not.
    Truly magnificent.

  5. What if rook takes rook and knight takes bishop and instead capturing the knight you play ke2 or ke3? And If knight takes rook and we take the knight and both of em have rooks?

  6. what if rxf2 ke4 rxe4 isnt it winning for white then cuz black got a pawn island?

  7. Nice fork if your opponent didn't see that but probably he will

  8. I love to think it was a blunder and just a bad move

  9. For anyone who is confused, if Rook takes Rook then knight moves, takes the bishop, and forks the King and other Rook

  10. What if king just moves? If rook takes rook, than bishop takes back right?

  11. This can't be a brilliant move. Both ends up with a rook.

  12. why is it a brilliant the trades are equal

  13. How is this brilliant? You get an equal position in the end with a Rook for each side and 2 Pawns each

  14. he can only save it by not taking it ig

  15. This is literally just a draw. In every case both are equal in position and material

  16. Wait but you can take the Rook Knight takes bishop and Rook takes Knight and white is still wining

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