BUILDING HABITS to improve your chess | 0-500 ELO

Grandmaster Aman Hambleton unveils his new educational series: Building Habits. In this series, he goes over rules and methods for you to follow as a beginner. By eliminating the use of any advanced themes that beginners would not be familiar with, he makes principles easier to understand as a new chess player. Many of our viewers have said that this series has helped them improve significantly!


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  1. is this video 1?? it just starts half way through a game with no chat about whats doing.

  2. 'Never resign' should be in the rules at this level

  3. This is very good. I understand 5min is better for a video, but beginners shouldn't play 5min games. At this point is better to play well and loose on time then win by playing poorly. That is a very good series.

  4. I'm seriously considering creating a new account and start to climb the ladder following these rules and building the habits. I think your method is a great way of building them. Just following the rules bracket by bracket.

  5. Saw the video length and thought eh everybody suggests it but it's so long, maybe I'll watch a little bit at a time – watched the whole thing in one go. Honestly, I think the most valuable part of this to me is having a ruleset to follow makes me not feel so bad every time I lose, like focusing on real game experience vs. just focusing on wins.

  6. This was great! I'm interested in learning, so been watching youtube and read a few books, did some puzzles. This video is best common sense lesson I've watched. Very cool. Thanks.

  7. they are 400 , they are not idiots 😑😑

  8. Eric Hui Fitness | Online Lifestyle Coach says:

    I am so thankful you made this training series Aman! Where abouts Canada are you from?

  9. Solo Un Tipo sin Bigote • hace 84 años says:

    Most reasonable rules in Ohio

  10. Love this series Aman, and extra love how much you've evolved as a commentator in such a short time. Keep it up brah!

  11. "I'll take like this I'm a fuckin genius" XD me anytime I do something halfway decent in chess.

  12. Do you recommend playing these 5 minute time settings instead of longer ones?

  13. Watching this video as a 450 ELO 50 games into my chess career this gives me lots of confidence lol. Lots of the lines you said a 400 wouldn’t see I actually do so it gives me some hope.

  14. Thank You for your awesome instruction!

    Your SWAG was right on, I won 14 of 16 games. Unbelievable.

    It is not so tiring as I"m following the BRO rules!

  15. Yo esteemed GM Hambleton! Thank you so much for making this series! After watching this episode I've gone from 380 – 450 in a single afternoon and I am falling back in love with the game. Big up yourself and thank you again, can't wait to watch the rest of the series <3

  16. I was literally stuck at 200-300 elo and now i'm at 550, this is really quality stuff you're sharing bro

  17. Thank you i reached 300 to 400 in 24hrs

  18. would be interesting if black went f5 at 5min and white took with pawn right? even if he didnt take black would go d5 that would be fun lol

  19. Does anyone know what opening he is using in this video

  20. When winning, trade.
    attack b and g a move after it is played

  21. Hi Grandmaster Hambleton. I'm a late starter, have kids, a full-time job, etc. Looking to improve from 400 ELO and am willing to dedicate 1-2 hours per day. Are there courses you would suggest I do? I have started a tactics course on Chessable, and I like their setup / Move Trainer system. Any advice? Could find any courses under your name. Going to go through this playlist for now… Thanks in advance.

  22. Thank you! Your videos save me from mental breakdown. I lose 100 elo in an hour and I almost under 200 in rapid. Thanks to you I gain all elo back in less that 1 hour! You are amazing!

  23. What is the reason for waiting 1 move before kicking a knight on B4 / G4 52:02 ?

  24. Thank you very very much!! I played 100+ games. And I never reached elo 300. I got very frastrated. Today I found your video, and then I played 18 games, still blundered several times, but I win 14 games. And now my elo was 329. You are the best teacher!

  25. As a new player, this has been so helpful! thank you, super entertaining and informative!

  26. I've learned so much from these videos. Thank you!

  27. I comback to this series from time to time. In just one month I've been able to go from 3xx to 700. Amazing habits!

  28. Why are people wasting time and money on courses, books and lessons when this series gives you proper foundations to progress. As a recent starter to chess who knew the rules etc. I was missing serious fundamentals and fixated on openings, tactics etc. This series helped me work out the glaring gaps in my basic knowledge and has seen me progress quite nicely thank you!

  29. Funny how he hints at the last opponent cheating through the game, but they run out of time at the end, can't cheat anymore, and they blundered their Queen.

  30. This was actually such an entertaining video! Although I'm 1600 it was really cool to see the concepts you're applying and the philosophy of this approach. Excited to see what the higher level habits have in store, and what they can teach me.

  31. Got out of 400 ELO hell thanks to this video, thank you

  32. the mental self talk at the losses is me but fr fr

  33. Thank you @chessbrah for these instructional videos.

  34. Great video I learned so much! (no this not a bot commtem)

  35. New player here at 500 on rapid. I'll continue to watch your videos and hopefully progress to my goal of 1500 in one year.

  36. Thank you very much for making this series! Playing with the focus to get a good report as oppose to the win/lose outcome is a helpful mindset I never thought of!

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