BUILDING HABITS to improve your chess | 0-500 ELO

Grandmaster Aman Hambleton unveils his new educational series: Building Habits. In this series, he goes over rules and methods for you to follow as a beginner. By eliminating the use of any advanced themes that beginners would not be familiar with, he makes principles easier to understand as a new chess player. Many of our viewers have said that this series has helped them improve significantly!


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  1. 50 points in the last 7 days in blitz, this has really been helpful as I'm no longer losing on time in 90% of my blitz games. Thanks for making blitz fun!

  2. Everytime I lose (against AI or Human) I am watching this series again. One day I'll be able to maintain a decent level of play. Thank you so much for making this series.

  3. I've seen a lot of beginner chess content and no one can help themselves from using advanced techniques and tactics. Really great job keeping at an actual 400 ELO.

  4. Thank you so much for these videos! so helpful!

  5. As a lifelong chess player, this video is packed with so much value for new players. I wish I had this video as a child.

  6. Getting back into chess after 25 years, was making everything too complicated, followed your simple rules from this video and have gone up 200 elo in a day, thank you, will follow the rest with anticipation.

  7. Wait, is chessbrah a grandmother or an international master?

  8. this is the best rating ladder climbing series on youtube

    its not just aman explaining how he's destroying the 400's with his gm skills, (as this kind of thing all too often is) which would be a very boring series, but instead making himself into a particularly principled 400 and showing how one can use being principled at that level to advance out of it

  9. Good vid! When you said “we won so there’s obviously nothing to learn” was very relatable 😂😂

  10. What I take away from this video is that I'm retarded

  11. Would it be a bad interpretation that 5 min games at this low of elo isn't necessarily good for learning etc.? I see a lot of these games getting lost on time on both sides. And while I think that's obviously part of the game and important later on, maybe not so much in these low elo games. I feel it'd be much more beneficial playing a little longer matches this low, to give more thought into moves instead of constantly worrying about time. This is coming from a 700 elo player just sort of learning myself, so what do I know? Was just interested on your take on this? I'm hesitant playing longer matches though a lot of the time, because of the worry of others cheating more easily, so there's that as well.

  12. I still can't reliably stay above 500. I'm about to give up. 🙁

  13. One of the most, if not THE most helpful video I've watched. Looking forward to continuing the series.

  14. Just started a week ago, and this is exactly what i needed. With all the lessons and openings to learn, this is a very unintimating way of starting out. Much appreciated!

  15. Just started a week ago, and this is exactly what i needed. With all the lessons and openings to learn, this is a very unintimating way of starting out. Much appreciated!

  16. I feel simultaneously attacked and enlightened.

  17. What is the name of the opening when you move center pawn and two knights then bishops? Does this have a name? Italian?

  18. This seems like a great series so I gave the rules a go, but went from 438 to 318. Maybe 5 minute games are too quick for my old brain. Should I go to 10 minutes rapid or would that be cheating (I am 820 in 30 minute games)?

  19. This is such a fantastic video I’m about 350 I think my problem is I look up to the pros too much and so I try to play above my skill level but I think I’m going to attempt to implement what is being said in this video and try to play a more slow paced and not think so much

  20. Meanwhile I just can’t seem to win at all 😅. Sitting at like 200 elo, can’t seem to improve no matter what I do :/. Still I’ll take these tips to heart and give it a shot I can hardly go lower lol. If I keep playing I’ll get better just wish my friends played/were good as I learn better from others.

  21. Finally a Grandmaster that loses the games on purpose and doesn't go for winning moves – that a person with that elo wouldn't see in a million years – to show the instructional stuff. Thank you Aman. Thank you ChessBrah.

  22. “Moving towards the center is generally a good idea” just clicked with me. My rating went from low 800s to now 1000. I had no fundamentals before and now I have very few

  23. Holy crap, I've been stuck at ~350-400, and using these techniques, I've won like, 4 games in a row. I didn't know that these were the basics that I should be working on. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all this in a way that I can understand.

  24. I used to play around 83 percent accuracy pretty consistently. a few inaccuracies and a mistake every game but i managed to get rid of my missed mates and blunders

  25. Nice video, thanks a lot! Just as a 400, sometimes I feel like you think we dont know the basic rules of the game. He knew the knight could take the queen, but Just didn't see It on time and clicked too fast;) like me when playing doing other stuff haha. But great practice video and Nice approach of building habits!

  26. Dude this is helping me so much

    Thanks for the content.

  27. I just watched the full video till the end and I would like to thank you for making this video, I am around 500 and learned different things from this video, but I would say players at low level also play great moves. I will try learn from your other videos as well. Thankyou once again for the series.

  28. Didn't expect to watch this video till the end but I'm glad I did. Thanks Aman.

  29. Thank you so much for this. Very helpful and fun!

  30. This is the funniest shit ive ever seen

  31. I mostly play daily games. But I have thought about going back and going over basics. I'm rated just under 1000. When I'm playing at my best. I can beat 1500 bots and 1400 players. But I still blunder away games I should of won. I know all sorts of theory very well. All the fundemental rules of the game and so on. But keeping it all online and every turn. I lack consistancy.

  32. Aman you are amazing, I rewatch most videos where you are playing, such good vibes for us Canadians!

  33. 4:13 Why didn’t you capture the pawn to capture their rook or bishop?

  34. I’ve barely started playing chess and I was getting way ahead of myself. I was looking up openings and trying to defend against certain attacks. I just kept getting mated or losing games all together. After watching your video I have been doing significantly better. I went from mid 300s to lower 500s now. Love your way of explaining this for intro level players!

  35. To all those who thought Aman actually missed the failed checkmate…. Uh no 🙄

  36. I think this acc of yours should be banned, not for smurfing, but for giving people free elo xD, u re plying worst than any 400 xDD

  37. what does 'pawns get blundered all the time ' mean? take the pawn ! if i dont the pawn always mates my king !

  38. lol never thought of queening to be a trap move… to catch the rook. cool

  39. i havent met a 400 who hasnt forked my ass when ever it was on.. (34.10) mins

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