Can 5 Chess Players Beat A Master?

Five casual players VS one chess master. If they win, they get $5,000. If they lose, they have to wear ridiculous costumes picked by Alexandra. They are allowed to play together and will also have a MYSTERY lifeline. Drop a like and tell us in the comments what was your favorite part in the video!
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Video production by Vendetta Studios

Directed by David Lehre

Asst. Director: Kyle Schmidt
Editing & Post Production: Zach Gelwix
Lighting design: Will Chandler
Asst. Producer: Anika Khan
Camera: AJ Outloud
MUA: Kenzie Ellingwood
Photography: Hieu Cao
Executive Assistants: Rebecca Doyle & Veela
Written by Alexandra Botez, Andrea Botez, David Lehre

00:00 Intro & Rules
00:34 Meet the players
02:28 Game starts
04:02 Mystery Lifeline
16:00 Last words

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  1. She knows what she did with that thumbnail

  2. the thumbnail , I remember same scenarios

  3. I thought how gangbang vedios are on youtube

  4. Alex should be the one wearing headphone from the start

  5. First thing I'd do 5 vs 1 with elos at least over 1000..

    "Guys we need 1 leader. Who's elo is highest?"
    "You can veto but be prepared to fully explain."
    Spell ELO with a "G" and and dump it because we can't beat her solo"

  6. It started with 5 guys and 1 girl then she was caught by her sister who quickly joined in lmfao

  7. But Andrea’s FIDE rating is like 1700. She is hardly any good. And Alexandra can beat her. So her being there isn’t really “help.”

  8. thumbnail is clickbait. I dont see a master

  9. I thought it was a nas daily video from the thumbnail 💀

  10. I think I saw the thumbnail on a orange black site before.

  11. I think it's time to update the thumbnail

  12. 2023 20 iyn 18;59 izledim bitirdim ahspwşs Yaxşı oyun idi amma Beraberlikle de bitdi 🙂

  13. Who had so much money ready to give every one $1000 each?

  14. Alternative title 5 normal chess player vs a monster

  15. poor andrea i hope your voice will be better 🙁

  16. i think you posted this on the wrong tubesite

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