Chess, But It’s A Race

What happens if you have to race your king to the other side? Well, it creates a really fun game.


This video includes Chess Memes also.

This video is a joke and should not be taken seriously

This video tries to be educational while being funny.
I make these videos to entertain while learning chess with you.

While I am not sacrificing the rook like GothamChess, female like Anna Cramling or BotezLive, cheeky like Frank, smart as Chessscape, making memes like Top Chess, rapping like Bobby BoJanlle, or as good as Hikaru or Magnus Carlsen, I still try to be entertain and join me on my journey on becoming a “good” chess player while I make entertaining videos trying to learn the game of chess

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  1. this variant is really fun. i’m rated 2400 on lichess 😊

  2. Bro Has Nice Arrows 💀
    Edit: Mom I am Famous Now 💀

  3. Me = top 200 in the world 😁😎 big flex

  4. I've tried this variant before but I never understood how it worked, thx for making me understand the variant

  5. Chess but u have cheats, ur bad at hiding it

  6. Certified racist king moment💀

  7. Bonus: if black reaces the end immediately after white does, black can declare a draw

  8. Wait what you got there first. It’s like checkmating your opponent in regular chess but it’s a draw because they can put your king in checkmate after

  9. if he moved the knight next to the king he would have won

  10. This guy narrates like the audience is 4 years old. I hung my Queen dude, I wasn’t born yesterday

  11. I swear this is someone else’s game and he just overlayed the reaction

  12. Bty If you want the name. It's called racing kings

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