Chess Computer Doesn’t Understand This Position!

Chess Computer Doesn’t Understand This Position!


  1. instructions unclear: i won hes queen but i somehow stalemated

  2. Can someone explain how that queen against queen is a draw?

  3. “The king is in the center”
    *shows king in first rank

  4. No? The computer on high depth says it’s a draw… clickbait smh

  5. That guy opened the chamber of secrets in chess

  6. but in the last position you showed in the video you cant always play rb3 rd3 because the queen can check so you have to either move or block with the rook or block with the pawn and eventually lose just like stockfish says.

  7. Wow i put it in the engine and its actually beautiful. I eventually forced stalemate!

  8. Stockfish does +1 with king and knight endgame, good luck with that😂

  9. Please 🙏🙏make a video on what is Deedle's draw position.

  10. After white castle why not qc3 check? Than push pawn, trying to exchange them and it should be winning for black

  11. "Good luck stockfish"
    Damn bro strikes right at it's cold calculating soul…

  12. Why The White Queen Not Pin The Pawn?

  13. thats the punishment, not moving the king nor the rook to that point so have to know what to do at that point

  14. My 190 elo brain taking the Rook accidentally but then does the brilliant move

  15. Move queen to f6 if he blocks with rook carry on to win the game

  16. Le t stockfish complete the game watch stockfish win

  17. I had to look at that draw twice. In a real game I would have a hard time sacrificing a queen at this point in a game. That being said CASTLE REALLY. That was a interesting game I would like to see how that rook and the king never moved.

  18. How is this a draw?The queen can check diagonally and the king and pawn controls the c3 where queen will check

  19. If i play queen E5 in the last position of de video, white needs to move the king or block the check, so black is winning

  20. What is derdle's draw position? Does it really exist?

  21. If im not mistaken the fortresses tend to not work at the engine level. They may look like they do but they only tend to work up to super gm's

  22. Castles on the endgame
    Stockfish: visible confusion

  23. Instruction unclear, i cannot long castle cuz i moved the king, what do i do

  24. my 600 elo brain taking the rook not realising it was defended and gets a brilliant move:

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