Chess Endgame: King and Queen vs. King and Knight

How to checkmate with king and queen vs. king and knight.


  1. after the watching the entire video i still cannot do this. I'm 1600 rated.

  2. Great vid. I liked how, at the start, you took the time to explore the vital KvN checking patterns that can occur and how to stay just out of reach. That's something simple and helpful to learn.

  3. Very helpful. Thank you.  I drew a game the other night that I should have won.

  4. I think it simplifies it to simply say the King moves either on a different color square than the Knight or on the 2 away diagonal. Appreciate the helpful video, Kevin. This was killing me.

  5. I wish I knew how to do this 10 minutes ago. I had this same situation with an extra pawn to spare and I panicked because I was running out of time.

  6. Wow this is pretty hard. Gonna take a lot of practice and patience to master this.

  7. I wasn't able to do it with 2 seconds on my clock, he forked my queen and king and I resigned. Then I realized it could have been a draw xD

  8. Always keep your pieces in different colours… Thats the only tip u need to avoid forks from the knight

  9. One of the harder endgames. Although very rare, it’s fun to learn it.

  10. this was very helpful. i'm off to train my new skill. thank you.

  11. i fucking hate king vs knight it gives me aids thank u

  12. Queen vs knight in worse position, how many moves it should take to check mate ?

  13. this makes me want to slit my throat oh my FUCKING god

  14. 9:48 – Kc4 is actually a pretty cool move because after 1. …Ne5 2.Kc3 black doesn't have any more checks and if doesn't wanna be mated can go 2. …Ka5 but then 3. Kd4! and knight is lost..

  15. Thank you! I'm going to watch this video and practice everyday until I have this figured out. Right now it's driving me nuts! Hopefully in a week it'll be relatively straightforward for me.

  16. IDK why I'm very annoyed by his breathing, his pauses between words, his tone, and his choice of words otherwise a great vid

  17. Thanks I was about to quit playing chess because I couldn’t figure this stupid shit out honestly if I’m ever in this position I’m gonna smack my opponent and tell him to resign or I’m getting me mallet

  18. Your demonstration of keeping the Black king in a "box" and to continually restrict the box with the queen only works in your demonstration because you always show the Black king yielding and voluntarily being restricted when, instead, he could refuse to budge by simply dancing his knight around his king. I've tried using your "box" method when playing against a chess engine and there is simply no progress that can be made that I can see. It's not so easy to keep making the "box" smaller and smaller as you demonstrated. Even when I watched your demonstration in the video, when you decide to move the Black king back, I was thinking, "Why doesn't Black just move his knight, instead?" My experience is that the Black king resists this method and will usually just move his knight to a different square. If the Black king can avoid yielding to the attempts of the queen to restrict it by simply making a knight move, it's difficult for White to make progress. What I'm saying is this: It's not so easy to get the Black king to the edge of the board.

  19. thanks this was very helpful

  20. Thank you. That video helped me so much. Especially the beginning to memorize, where the King can't get attacked. Not only did it help me to master that endgame. I also use these patterns in the middlegame to avoid knight traps now!

  21. I thunk the first part is pretty useless.You can simply only move the king to the opposite coulour square with the knight and they can not check you

  22. one more think to know, if you same color, knight cant check, also if queen and king different color there is no fork.

  23. Easily the most annoying endgame to deal with as a beginner

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