Chess Endgame Principles + Examples – Rating Climb 334 to 381 ELO! ( Speedrun)

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0:00 – A GREAT IDEA!
0:54 – Game 1 – Free queen?
10:29 – Game 2 – I’M TOO SLOW
14:50 – Game 3 – I WON IN 2 MOVES!
15:18 – Game 4 – Active king!
26:31 – Game 5 – 2 rooks vs 2 rooks endgame
37:10 – Game 6 – knight and pawn vs rook endgame

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  1. The trade at 15:54 seems to be a mistake since you could take back with developing your knight, it's like white was giving up the moving priority

  2. Peter Patzer shouldn't be rated between 300 and 400. Since the has eaten the berrys in patzer-prison, he should be rated about 3500.

  3. Best comeback trick: moving too slow so the opponent gets bored and quit

  4. This is very useful even on the higher level! You can't be GMs if you don't know these basics.

  5. Lol game 1 you're trying sooo hard to give the guy pieces and he just refuses 😄

  6. That last game was pretty instructive and the opponent was actually pretty tricky. And guys please like the video Nelson is doing a great job here, we need more clicks!

  7. I hope he will soon meet another master doing a speed run from 200 😀

  8. I actually sacrifice my queen in move 3 and then try to win. Pretty hard but I have 70% win rate at 700 level
    If you try this, that will be very interesting ‼️

  9. Do you think you could live stream this sometime. That would be awesome. I’ve been really enjoying this series

  10. I dont know why people play a 10 min game while they cant wait why not just play in bullet if they are so fast

  11. The last endgame didn't feel like 400 elo at all. Also, when I'm having fun by promoting multiple pawns, usually I make only one queen, and the rest are rooks: you still have easy ladder checkmate, but now the risk of stalemate is much lower. I think it also might be useful to give some tips on how to do the one-queen mate quickly (with 10 secs on the timer).

  12. I feel bad for the 300 rated players getting trounced by a titled player. Seems a bit unfair.

  13. you're definitely playing too slow, it must be kinda irritating to get matched with you….

  14. The slow approach and talking about different ideas is perfect for your puzzles videos which i love, for this ones i think you need a faster approach, just a suggestion.

  15. I have lost in 1 move.Y'all too much inferior to my greatness.

  16. I think it was worth trying, but deliberate mistakes don't seem to be a useful teaching tool. It instead just seems condescending—if your opponent makes mistakes, then you can just talk about those. You'll probably not reach the endgame as often, but you'll eventually reach an Elo where people can make it to the endgame against you.

  17. Yes, but at 5.38, why on earth would you not take the black queen on H5 and be up a queen?
    Black has totally had it if you do – in fact he's blundered his queen! I don't get it…

  18. Why are you calling it a speedrun when you play as slowly as possible?

  19. my suggestion would be to alternate between the old and new style so that it balances between work on beginning/middle games and end games. Other than that, seems pretty helpful to me

  20. So great you actually take the time to implement good ideas from the comments in these videos. You're not only a great chess player, but a great person and teacher! Thanks for the content man!

  21. Can i challenge you to an otb chess match Nelson?

  22. 15:28 Peter Patzer must have eaten some of those berries. 😎

    24:53 This would have been a good point to mention the pawn square.

  23. 13:15 I think you can still move the knight in this situation, because after he moves the bishop will be pinned.

  24. I can't wait for the next videos. Really instructive videos

  25. Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly. says:

    Nelson is an awesome teacher.
    I'm so glad I found this channel.

  26. In the first game, they do notice the queen but know that the queen is defended and is therefore refusing the queen trade.

  27. This video with end game strategies would be more useful against player at 1200 rating. I’m at 1200 and I’d like to break into 1300-1400 but watching 300s play isn’t as helpful since they make plays beyond comprehension levels of bad or just ff instantly because no one rated below 800 is actually trying to win lol

  28. My 2 cents: rather than blundering your pieces in an obvious way, I'd prefer to see you play "to the level" of the elo you're facing. Walk into forks or skewers and see if the opponent spots it. As you climb up the rating ladder, you can move on to more advanced tactics. The middle game can still be instructive as you effectively analyze it from the opponents perspective, and hopefully they punish you for one of those mistakes and you can move into an endgame that way.

  29. It’s pretty bad when you try to make a video series and you have to make bad moves just to keep your opponent from resigning. 😢

  30. People are worried you don't move fast enough… "disconnected"

  31. One thing I’d like to point out in the last game: white sacked the knight for (apparently) no gain. But, what it did, was minimize the chances of an accidental stalemate. This could also occur if white had a queen and bishop in an open endgame position. It also simplifies the mental calculations since you now only have only one major piece; the queen. And a queen and king vs. a lone king is a win. In other words, the minor piece is kind of a liability here.

  32. I loved how the Ukrainian refused to give up, and refused to back down; I hope that country becomes an eternal meme for incredible resilience.

  33. You have fix the screen. I can’t see the whole chess board

  34. they see the peter-patzer profile pic and know they are being humiliated by a smurf on youtube

  35. Even as a player who is higher elo this helped me. Struggled a lot against the deadpool bot of 1300 elo. Watched this video and immediately beat him. I like to believe it was because of this video. Thanks a lot!

  36. Hi !
    Can you play chess with your viewers because I really want to play with you coz I think I'm kinda underrated and can play better (I'm 600)
    I just wanted you to analyze the games and guess my actual elo (I don't play otb tournaments)

  37. Enjoyed your games! 25:54 Other way to avoid stalemate is to checkmate-in-one. 🙂 Here with Qh1-d1#.

  38. Kills me how impatient people are who picked a 10 minute time control 😂

  39. Also, another thing to mention about trading a rook and a pawn for a bishop and a knight (37:45): these pieces could be attacking the king, and now they are gone, while the rook was simply guarding the pawn at best (at worst, it often gets in the way of your own king). So, after this trade, the king becomes super safe (+ there is no back rank checkmate), and you can just forget about your king until the endgame.

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