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Chess Puzzles are the best way to improve your chess game. In this video, I share with you a very unique and interesting chess endgame puzzle alongwith its solution. You need to find the best move for white to win this game. You have to avoid stalemate. This game will help you in learning some new tricks and ideas of chess. The theme of this puzzle revolves around the concept of underpromotion. You need to checkmate the black king by using your queen/knight/pawn. Lets see if you can solve this amazing chess puzzle. Let me know in the comments if this was easy or hard & how much time you took to solve it.

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  1. Wait there is one more way to solve it King to g8 Black only move pawn to b4 white king to f7 Black only move king to h7 white makes Queen Black only move king to h6 white Queen to h8 Checkmate .

  2. Well really Uncle, I thought we should do King to g8 but it turns out we basically have promote to a Knight three times.

  3. And what if he actually does that?

  4. What if : w.king g8, b.pawn b4, w.king f7, b.king h7, w.pawn c8 promote to queen, b.king h6 then w.queen h8 to checkmate ?

  5. First I will move to my king instead of promoting knight

  6. But what if you move your king out of the way with the two moves you have?

  7. Sorry That Was A Mistake So The Correct Ans Was c8=N

  8. Great puzzle the solution
    e8=knight b4
    Nd6 e7xd6
    e7 d5
    e8=knight d4
    Nf6 g7xf6
    g7 f5
    g8=Queen f4
    Queen g7 Checkmate

  9. Great Puzzle
    C8=N b4
    Nd6 e7xd6
    e7 d5
    e8=N d4
    Nf6 g7xf6
    g7 f5

  10. I managed to solve this endgame puzzle in 2 minutes because I have seen this type of puzzle earlier like promoting pawns to knight and then checkmate.

  11. 1. c8=N, b4 2. Nd6, exd6 3. d7 1-0 It took me about 2 minutes to solve this one, pretty easy

  12. Happy New Year 2018! When the knight was on e8,it cannot reach f4. It was f6

  13. Thank you for beautiful puzzles 🙂 solving them a bit differently ,but still winning.

  14. At first if we moved our white king twice & free up 2 spaces for the black king, then it also would be effective as well…

  15. U can also do this:
    White should move
    Kg8 b4,Kf7 Kh7,c8(queen)[blocking black king from escaping] Kh6,Qh8 checkmate

  16. When I first looked t the puzzle, I know you have to promote to。a knight and sacrifice it.

  17. Queen capture g7 and checkmate king and queen protected by king

  18. Puzzle's answer is king to G8. B5 pawn to B4 is the only move. White move king to F8. Black again has only one move and that is king to H7. White move pawn to a queen or a rook. Black king to H8 and finally white king takes the black pawn is checkmate in a dangerous place for black

  19. You have some the best puzzles!
    I put a lot of thought into this on pause.
    Came up with nothing.
    Thanks for helping me try to think abstractly.

  20. I also completed this puzzle without pausing

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