Chess Endgame- Rook vs Knight

The rook and knight chess endgame can be one of the hardest games to win but today we look at just how to get the win.


  1. Thanks for making this. Rook vs knight usually is a theoretical draw.

  2. 13 yrs ago 👀👀👀

  3. Thanks for putting more videos on your website. There are lots of excellent videos on YouTube, but yours are the best. You are a great teacher, keep up the good work.
    But what has happened to the great dynamic musical introduction with this latest batch ??

  4. glad you are enjoying. Sorry no music in recent batch. I've been working on a new "cooler" video for intro. A few of ones I just posted were JUST at the cutoff of time so the intro didn't fit. Hopefully in future though I can put the new "cooler" one at the beginning of all the vids.

  5. Could you do another one to show how black draws? Thanks for this video btw.

  6. thankyouu,, ironically i had a chess game that invlolved a rook and knight end game,, although there were a few other variables

  7. well i don't play tournament anymore. I have a family and job that keep me from playing competitively but when I did back in school I won a few smaller ones.

  8. Oh wow, keep them coming, this is very interesting.
    I don't think I've seen a rook vs knight video yet, nice ;D

  9. very nice, looks like he should have watched the video 🙂

  10. It seems like the king always has to be to squeres orthogonally from the night. What if for example
    White: Ra1, Kh1
    Black: Kb8, K e4
    The night is on one of the critical squeres, but the kings are far away. Is there a way to win?

  11. @renumeratedfrog I don't think so, that's why he said if the knight is in the center it's a draw, no way to stop the knight from moving to all of his spaces. If the knight and king can pair up before the rook and king can then it is a draw unless there is a mistake. It seems like if you can't take the knight in ~ 3 moves you can't win.

  12. im so deep in an endgame of that kind rigth now… and your vid already helped me, although i dont think i can get him, because he has king and knigth very close together all the time…

  13. The Knight in your program looks like a unicorn.

  14. At the very least (I) am enjoying your videos…kids and have made alot of use of them …keep em coming

  15. one of his worst videos-he left so many questions and this ..if hes in this place u more than likely gonna win. ohhh great i remember the sceme but thats just all way too unclear

  16. If played well king and knight can always force a draw – unless you start in a very bad position

  17. I tried it against an engine, move after move, I was able to hold the draw, after an innocent kingmove: Mate in 33, lol

  18. Man i have improved so much watching your videos .. as a 1280+ bullet rater i owned a few 1900+ and 1800+ using your tactics .. thank you and God Bless you Kevin .. i will post one of the games shortly

  19. uthoughtuwon(USA)1942 – badjaeaux(PHL)1489

  20. You have much to learn, oh confident one. Kc7, …Kg4! Now the knight is escaping and your easy example has grown quite challenging.

  21. you didn't explain how to defend correctly to hold your own against a rook… disappointed.

  22. Do u have anything on Q v R & N endgame. Can the R & N hold there own against the queen

  23. I am trying to checkmate some douchebag with his knight, this is hard as hell and also quite funny 

  24. Hi Kevin I'm Bobby and I'm your biggest fan how would I make an end game if my uncle or aunt made certain moves?

  25. Thanks for helping me see the game clearer. I play like a bull in a china shop apparently.

  26. cheers kev i always have games won easily but then lose in the endgame, this stuff is wat i great for me!

  27. Just wanted to mention that at 4:20, 1.Kc7 accomplishes exactly the same thing as the 1.Rd5 move given in the video and would work as well..  Thanks for posting this.

  28. What if the knight and the king were in the center, how do you drive it to the edge

  29. End game puzzles like this are the best way for someone to improve one's pattern recognition skills. Thinking conceptually is vastly superior to a computers vast calculation. Even though computers are better at chess than humans, training oneself to think conceptually in chess is beneficial to every day life.

  30. Worst video ever… I've been the king and rook being the king and knight

  31. Which Chess aplication got this function of highlighting board squares

  32. Can you move the king to c7 instead ?🤔

  33. Just finished up a game where I was knight in this scenario. I forced a perpetual draw just wanted to see if there was any way he could've won. Doesnt look like it. Seems fairly simple as the knight. Stay connected to the king as much as possible preferably on the corner space of a king and keep attacking the king or Rook with the knight.

  34. Solution: get in a position that forks the king and the knight with your rook and when the king moves take the knight

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