Chess Endgame TRICK You Must Know

Chess Endgame TRICK You Must Know


  1. What is awesome, black moved his king twice. But point stays to be close to pawn.

  2. The king can’t move 2 turns unless castle

  3. There is no draw in the second position. You can go king c8.

  4. this is false
    in the first instance king is in g8 but on second instance king is in f8

  5. Не ври там король у черных передвинут

  6. You are cheating 😂😂

  7. El rey negro está en una posición diferente en la segunda jugada🤨(the black King is in a diferent position in the second oportunity🤨)

  8. yeah…. just casually change the King's position from G8 to G7 for the next example just so the King can get there in time, as if we can do that in game. The title is so misleading. there is no tricks here, just telling facts. It is like "This Trick can make water disappear" but the video just showing you how to boil a water.

  9. Did anyone notice in the second position the black king is closer by one move? No wonder how you got stelmate.

  10. Bro your Kong was on g8 first time then and time he was on f8 like what are we talking about

  11. As a matter of fact, bot the positions are different. In second one, black king is closer

  12. After Ke8 instead of Kf7 it's white to play but you moved black king. That's why It's make no sense

  13. did he Just… move the black king 2times? What a fake.

  14. Welp! He moved the black king twice(black to move from g8 on the first part of the vid/ but he made it black to move on f7 without letting the white king move)

  15. At first the King was g8 then he moved it to f7 and after that he showed us how he did it his king was in f8 then he moved it into e8

  16. Lol first the black king was on the G8 not on the F8

  17. Legends noticed that the king's position was changed

  18. How comes you start your video with black king on g8 and you solve it with black king on f8😂

  19. in the first example the king is in g8, and in the second the king begin in f8

  20. Not quite a "trick" but useful endgame knowledge for a beginner, keep it up!

  21. So the trick is to make two moves instead of one?

  22. General rule: king can only move one square in any direction.
    Black king in the video: hold my beer.

  23. Xd, why king 1sr time is on g8, and 2nd on g8??

  24. him: here what i did
    also him: "switch the starting point"

  25. I've been told the opposite, that knights are great at blockading passed pawns. "In general" is completely wrong, because this is a very special scenario where it's a rook pawn. This black can defend if it's anything other than a rook pawn.

  26. But wait a second, You could also add queen, and win.

  27. ? The second one is on f8 but the first one is on g8

  28. im like huh? but when i watched it again hehe you fcker you almost got me… you moved the black king 1 square closer

  29. First time king was g8 and 2nd time f8 bruh

  30. bro he's trolling us cause black is in g8 and moves BUT on the second time IT WAS ON F8 AND HE GOT A CHANCE TO MOVE that's basically two moves
    this is what you call

  31. Idek how the heck did that knight can even go there

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