Chess Endgame TRICK You Must Know

Chess Endgame TRICK You Must Know


  1. Imagine your King is so far away and you can't get there in time 💀

  2. Who are you fooling, in the second clip the position of the king is in the black square while in the first clip the position of the king is in the white square

  3. In the first scenario, the king started from g8 to f7, in the second scenario, the king is already on f8 moving to e8…the two scenarios started from different positions…

  4. On the second play the king was one square closer to the white king

  5. Almost got me. Actually there is no diff if you move to row 7 or 8-_-

  6. Stop creating false hacks just for views the black just changed his position suddenly

  7. The knight isn't that bad against passed pawns. I've had a game where I had 4 connected pawns against a Knight and had to offer draw, because my king was too far.

  8. Calculate the opposition…if there are even number of squares between the two kings the first to move is at disadvantage and the other king has opposition…if there are odd number of squares between the kings the first to move has opposition

  9. Ke8 is way more logical than kf7 even if you’re not aware of opposition

  10. You moved your kin closer then did the move

  11. This is awesome!!!
    this is exactly the type of positioning lesson I’m looking for! And the 3 different scenarios with the same pieces is super underrated! Definitely subscribed and ready for more content from you!

  12. Bruh you almost trick me, the black king got closer all of a sudden, before he was at Kg8 and now hes at Kf8

  13. Bro you move king 2 times in the second match

  14. it's all just a trick. The first endgame the black was in g8 but the second endgame king was in f8

  15. At the first the king is in white square and then the king in black square

  16. you put intially the black king on whitesquare, when ur giving demo, you showed the king in black king in black

  17. But then the king of the opponent takes steroids and sacrifices himself bringing back his queen who fights alone to win the game by yourMumsMate.

  18. Hey in your first position king was at g8 in second position king was in f8

  19. Wow what a great trick if you're in a losing position just have a different position incredible insight chief.

  20. The knight is bad against stopin rooks pawns al adli in the IX century is the first to elaborate on the theory

  21. The king in the 2nd clip was closer than the first

  22. Early of the vid, black king should do side en passant to e8

  23. Learning how to stalemate is like learning black magic

  24. Thats fake black moves twice in a row, thats how he managed to stalemate.
    Look at the first puzzle and look at what he does later

  25. That's misleading, because it was White to move.

  26. Did anyone notice for the second example the king is one file closer

  27. Fake you had king on White for first time And on second time you had it on green

  28. The second example you moved the king twice 😅

  29. If I’m not mistaken you have moved black king twice in second explanation!!

  30. Stop trollin at the second position you were already closer 1 square

  31. Bro I saw that you moved you your king one cube

  32. Plz dnt blv this bcz in the beginning the blak king was in b8 but then it moved to C8 to d8.

  33. @HaruSenshi  So if we want good positional advantage we can just replace our king on a good square? 😂 This is a basic chess ending and we know we must be good at the middle game or after the queen trade, where our king and minor pieces places to be. This was a cheating example of replacing your king's original position before the other took his move. Actually you moved your king 2 times. If you insist that you will just show the Best position of the king, we must know how and what happened to the blacks king place on G8. It just make a tour or capture a piece? 😴

  34. How is the last one a draw? The king could’ve easily moved. A draw can’t happen while you’re in check. That makes no sense

  35. “The knight deals very poorly with passed pawns in general”

    Shows how a knight in front of a passed pawn can force a draw on any file except the rooks’ files

  36. At two different points where the knight starts on the B file, it can be taken by the pawn

  37. Worst fellow.. Tricking me!! Stop this type of non sense…….. The king got closer than before… Check the video properly guys.

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