Chess Endgames: Checkmating with a Rook

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IM David Pruess explains how to checkmate with a King and Rook vs lone King, touching on important chess concepts such as Zugzwang and Waiting Moves along the way.


  1. Wow wow wow….very well explaied sir….very much thank u🤩🤩🤩🤩

  2. I couldn't manage the checkmate with a rook 3 times. So i am here

  3. I almost loose a game by time for not knowing how to force the check mate with a tower and the king. The tables save me. Thanks for the explanation.

  4. I’m around 1100 elo. I can checkmate with a rook any day. But I was playing a mini blitz tournament with time control. Had less than 10 seconds on my clock and this checkmate feels so tough

  5. This is not possible if the solo king wont stand face to face with the other king. He stays in the middle and won't back up

  6. Finally all my meaningless chasing of kings is over — now I know how to checkmate. Thanks for this lesson!

  7. Just did this for the first time against an opponent who thought a draw was inevitable. Should have seen his face when i mated him. Thanks for the lesson!

  8. Well created and presented , but note please, David, @ 6:20 "you are maintaining the rook in the ROW (viz # 4) that you want," and not the FILE … thanks

  9. takes far too long to explain the simplest thing terrible video

  10. Yeah, I'm here after drawing a game too. Shameful one, because I offered a draw when we had both had rooks and my opponent declined, proceeded to blunder his own rook and then I hit him with the "SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE DRAW DUDE". Then couldn't checkmate the fucker

  11. Had a guy in this spot click this vid to watch how it’s done and lost thanks

  12. I love how systematic this is, thank you!

  13. Yes yes this 1 birds n animals ke liye panni aur chota mota channe chawal bajra jrur rkhe . Thnks . Gali m shat pe ya kahi b aur. Apka yh chote chote steps can save lifes 🙏🙏🙏🙏.HELP. PLZ APP SAB N EVERYONE ALSO SHARE N WRITE THESE MESSAGES. U can also copy paste. It can and will save many lifes 🙏🙏🙏🙏.🌸🌸🌸 PLEASE plz plz don't ignore .. Plz plz bhul mat jana plz . Andekha mat Krna plz Plz save lifes 🙏🙏🙏Bhagwan Ji Khush honge . 🙏🙏.God bless u🙌
    Thanku. God bless u🙌🌸🌸🌸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. Let me see you if you are here after the game with Hikaru and Magnus…lol to figure out why Hikaru resigned?

  15. drawed a game at 1200+ because of not knowing this bro

  16. WIth all respect to you, Mr. David Cruz. You are a highly skilled chess player as an international champion. Your rook-king checkmate vs rook lesson is very useful. Thank you.

  17. Yeah, I won the game. But when you don't see the pattern the endgame becomes very tricky

  18. Wow! I didn’t know this was possible. I drew so many games thinking no way I can win.

  19. I'm right now in this situation whith a 1500 bot I'm really happy that I finally beat it.

  20. Stalemated a game like this. Thank you for helping ensure that never happens again!

  21. been trying to take chess seriously for a whole year and i didn't know exactly how to mate in this position up to this point. thank god that changed

  22. I had this unique situation today and couldn’t figure it out. It was an opponent I’ve been trying to defeat for a while now. So mad I didn’t have this knowledge beforehand.

  23. crystal clear, thanks. Had trouble with this endgame and after just 4:15 of this video i can do it reliably.

  24. This is where i made the biggest mistake of my life i'm certain i will probably regret for i long as i live. I lost 1000 pesos (usd equivalent of about 20 dollars here in the Philippines) in a bet with my friend . Like myself he too was a novice player although i had a better advantage over him in experience and gameplay. So to be fair i gave him a little handicap. The deal was if he wins or even draws with me one game he gets a 1000 bucks. The result? A painful draw! I failed to checkmate him with one rook and one king which was my only remaining pieces till i ran out of time! 😭 Often in other games i always find myself blundering this move. 😞

  25. Goofy why wouldn't you tell us how to actually get him on a back rank

  26. very bad you just do timepaas you don't know how to play fuck you

  27. Patience is important and i never realised it , thanks!

  28. Draw after 50 moves haha I need to know this now

  29. When i was a beginner i thought it was so difficult to checkmate with the king and rook, but now im an intermediate and i realised it was so easy.

  30. i just sacked my rook trying to checkmate someone i guess there is nothing you can do for that

  31. I took a hundred moves, with rook and bishop no less. Stalemate.

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