Chess Endgames: Knight & Bishop Checkmate!

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IM Daniel Rensch is back this weekend to bring you a video on the crucial, though not always practical, Knight and Bishop Checkmate! Take notes on the way the Knight and Bishop coordinate, with the Knight protecting the opposite colored squared of the Bishop. The King saves the day! Memorize the pattern, rinse and repeat!


  1. My goodness. Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed before recording this. What an arrogance!

  2. Hey don’t let your arrogance get the best of you! Your rude!

  3. You know I got an end game the other day with knight and bishop and I sat there and sat there wondering if it was possible to check mate the king, I ended up deciding it was impossible and settled for s draw I won't do that next time

  4. Checkmate by this is easier. Thanks for your video

  5. Thunbnail: Chess tips for beginners
    GMs: I messed this up

    Trust me, take your time learning this one. Don't be fazed. It's not so easy, but it will probably help your piece coordination considerably even if it doesn't come along so often!

  6. Came here because Nakamura recommended it, wasn't disappointed.

  7. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

    sloooooooooooooow dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn

  8. When those pieces are standing randomly on the board this is the most frustrating checkmate to do as a beginner…. god… even this triangle pattern sometimes screws everything over …… Is there not a more consisting pattern/rule to go for ? god….

  9. I use tge three triangles checkmate method it is more complicated but easer to memorize

  10. the position at 1:00 is actually mating in 5, 1.Ne6 Kh7 2.Kf7 Kh8 3.Bf4 waiting, 3… Kh7 4. Nf8+ Kh8 5. Be5# or if 1. Ne5 Kh8, then 2. Kf7 Kh7 3. Nf8+ Kh8 4. Bf6#)

  11. Why checkmate 3 at the start nh5 and ne8 is checkmate in 2

  12. So is the checkmate with B+N still possible on a 10×10 board? How about a 12×12 board, or any nxn board where n is an even number? The complication on higher boards is keeping the opposing king from pulling off an end run to the opposite wrong corner, a plan that can be stopped on an 8×8 board by setting up a wall.

  13. Thanks man!! Thanks so much. I was trying to learn this through LiChess and just spending a lot of time with Fritz 17 and making some progress.
    1. Kingh, 2. King…. Bishop…until I get the King pinned in the opposite corner, then I just swoop in with my knight n Bishop!
    I bet you play a mean game!
    Thank you again!
    I like to put two r's in my name like Garry?! ;p()
    ;p) %&*)

  14. I like how this video doesn’t work out when I try it and need to obtain this position in the first place.

  15. Knight leads the way
    King saves the day
    Bishop makes them pray

  16. My brain would shut down if I had to do the same thing at the bottom left corner

  17. This video has been supremely helpful to me in learning to checkmate with the knight and bishop! Thank you so much for putting this out! I always recommend this video to player looking for tips with this checkmate!

  18. I watched 3 or 4 vids on this before finding this one. This is the only one that taught it well enough for me to actually understand the principals.

  19. At 10.00min, when the Black King was at f8, the com played e8… and then I have no idea what to do… please help.

  20. I know how to checkmate from that position but i never know how to force the king into a corner

  21. I've been trying to figure this out, this is the video that made it click

  22. In the beginning of the video I was trying to close a perceived Ad by clicking the black kings crown!

  23. How to checkmate with knight and bishop without any king oh wait your already mated

  24. Is there many of these videos and how do I find them in a teaching order so I can learn from them starting at 1-? from IM Rensch

  25. bruh
    i can premove this checkmate
    once the king is on the back row, it's pretty linear

  26. Ynigo Zacharie Dion Serapion Ancheta says:

    Didn't know tobias plays chess.

  27. The hardest past is to get opponent's king to even the opposite colour corner

  28. funny thing is that komodo 12.1.1 "correct" second move not to be the best move and suggest another one

  29. Great video, but how do I get the other king on the edge of the board?

  30. 00:20 What an asshole. People, including children, come here to learn chess. Not to be talked down to.

  31. I made it after watching this video just one time.

  32. Came here because Nakamura recommended it, wasn't disappointed

  33. crap tutorial doesnt tell what to play when the black king doesnt always plays the best move

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