Chess Geometric Rules & TRICKS To WIN Easily [Endgame Tips]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you some geometric chess rules and tricks that will help you evaluate positions easily and find the best moves very quickly without having to calculate a lot of variations.

These tips are especially useful in the endgame stage. You will learn the following:

🔹 how to cut-off (restrict) your opponent’s king using yours in a king and pawn endgame
🔹 an easy way to checkmate with a queen (must-know for beginners)
🔹 the rule of the square (or square rule)
🔹 restricting your opponent’s knight with your bishop, queen, and pawn
🔹 restricting your opponent’s knight with your rook (rook vs knight endgame)

Knowing these rules/tips will save you a lot of time during practical games and will help you find the best moves easily!

► Chapters

00:00 Chess Geometry: Rules & Tricks
00:23 1) Cutting off your opponent’s king (straight line vs zigzag)
01:48 2) Checkmating with a queen easily (use your king)
05:16 3) The Rule of the Square (King & Pawn Endgame)
06:34 Magnus Carlsen learnt this chess rule in TikTok?!
06:41 4) Restricting opponent’s knight with bishop, queen, pawn
08:21 5) Restricting opponent’s knight with your rook

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  1. Superb lesson from a good teacher. Emmanuel Lasker was a mathematician teacher who became a world champion. Using geometry in chess was been helpful not to calculate more in chess position. 😲❤

  2. The lesson on restricting your opponent was brilliant thanks 👍

  3. I ran across exactly this kind of problem this evening. If I'd watched your video first, it probably wouldn't have taken me 110 moves!

  4. давно смотрю, лучший канал по шахматам, столько информации, в разы полезнее того же Готмама, не в обиду ему:)

  5. Can you suggest me a good book for chess geometry

  6. For the truck no.2) I know I'm gonna end this with a stalemate.

  7. 7:51, I believe Nbd2 is still playable as it assists with c4 pond break as well as having prospects of playing Ndb3 and hopping to c5 in a future if given an outpost. I actually would play Nbd2 because black might play c5 pond break, and playing Nbd2 gives me the flexibility to play c3 to solidify my pond structure or even play c4 counter attacking. Thought Nbd2 looks passive, I believe it has many prospects and also serves the same purpose as Nbc3 that also prevents black from playing Nfe4(securing a nice outpost for the knight and would be really hard for white to deal with). On the other hand, Nc3 prepares e4 pond break in the future which then opens the scope of the somewhat passive bishop on c1. In my opinion, I would play Nc3 as it allows me to develop the bishop(slightly higher value than knight in most cases) more conveniently. If say I play Nbd2, you could still play b3 and bd2 but your bishop stares into your own pawn which isn't the best. However I think this discourages black from playing c5 cause the exchange after (exc5, Bxc5), it is double edged black's bishop does become more active on a more common diagonal, meanwhile white's bishop is staring on the king side which may become problematic in the long term as black is likely to castle king side according to the position given. I would prob say Nbd2 is still an option worth considering and I use it sometimes when I feel tilted haha. My elo:1357

  8. I see that survey we filled was taken into consideration 😀

  9. Can you make a video on the Danish gambit (if you haven't already)? I have seen the opening somewhere and I think that might be a good opening for me to use regularly

  10. The rule of the square can be found in most elementary endgame books. It is hard to believe that Magnus Carlsen didn't learn of it until long after he became world champion (TikTok was released in China in 2016 and worldwide in 2018).

  11. Another great video. Keep making wonderful videos 😊

  12. Игорь спасибо за полезное видео.Хорошо было бы чтобы ты сделал видео как не попадать под коневые вилки,тема болезненная для многих.

  13. I would love to see more videos focusing on endgames and middle games!

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