Chess Master Pretends To Be A Beginner Player

Woman Grandmaster Dina Belenkaya had a surprise while playing some games at a park in Romania. She was challenged by someone who said he was 1500 ELO, but turned out not to be true. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you figured out who he was!

00:00 Intro
00:18 Game

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  1. That is alex!!! Crazy how all these chess people are connected somehow.

  2. 8h30 min when the new girl came. The game become interesting 😊🥰🥰🥰

  3. So much blah blah blah
    it's so funking boring

  4. Русскоязычный адвокат Давиде Побережский says:


  5. hahahahahah, i liked how dinas voice slowed down afte b6

  6. This whole thing is fake. She is not from Canada or US. Her accent is clearly that of a non English speaking country. It’s OK but clearly not US or Canadian. Both players sound like they are from the same country. The both use the same incorrect grammar. Russian? Slavic?

  7. can someone explain why did she have to give the queen back? i thought that was a legit move with the tower ( i don't play chess )

  8. If I am not wrong this is the IM Romanian guy Alex banzea

  9. 'Danya my future husband,' comment got me laughing. Does he know?

  10. How come she doesn't recognize him? He is also a well known chess streamer.

  11. 9:02 'let's give a little checkarino'
    then the look Dina gave Andreea

  12. I really hate when people are dishonest, it’s equivalent to disrespect. Ego make his world go round.

  13. I always love to see that American arrogance fading away

  14. He was quite good. I would beat all three of you tho

  15. Play the board, not the person! A good game, but I think that Dina actually distracts herself with the talking.

  16. That's IM Alex Banzea. He's a teeny bit stronger than 1500 🙂

  17. Dina is such a serial cheater that Hans Niemann has a poster of her hanging in his bedroom!

  18. This is such a great video, Dina took his queen and hid it like she is 5 years old! I just love it.

  19. Wait, how did I not know Dina had her own Chess Channel.


  20. The way they talk confuses me! It’s kinda awkward I think.

  21. I have a neat folding chess board that was hand made from Romania over 100 years ago, but there is no company name or any markings on it.
    Why is that?

  22. I am 59, and have less face wrinkles than this young gal. hahahahaha

  23. By the time you get very good at this game, you could have 2 masters degrees and a PHD.

  24. Anybody noticed Albert Einstein leaving at the first seconds of the game, just knowing every move those two are gonna do

  25. Play the game woman… you’re talking too much. Obviously you’re not that good and you’re trying to break his concentration.

  26. girls are so great in giving spoilers
    she spoiled the ending of whole makeup with her never stopping mouth

  27. Ayo that's my boy alex i learnt jobava london from him lel

  28. So hes not a hustler? Guess hes white so that cant be the case.

  29. Two women playing chess and their first reaction is to cheat, hide pieces and talk nonsense. If men did this they would be smacked in the face.

  30. Chess games on this channel are best enjoyed if you mute the audio.

  31. Andrea would distract me anytime 🤔🔥 @DinaBelenkaya

  32. 8:50 they aint playing chess. they playing distraction game. why do you wanna know the best memory with his grandpa. and secretly you thought you could distract him with your all your manipulation haa.. also i dont like your tone of speaking Dina, if it was me i would have shut your mouth for good

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