Chess Played Perfectly Is Always A Draw

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  1. That was me🤣🤣 I didn’t know how to win I don’t know how to check

  2. More I get into chess the more shit like this makes me rip my hair out

  3. He probably misclicked, I blundered stalemate 2 days ago with a misclick as well

  4. Me with 200 elo when I only know the ladder checkmate

  5. You literally missed the checkmate 🤣🤣🤣

  6. That how me n hommie checkmate when we did not know what stalemate was 🤣🤣🤣 that queen free sacrifice was so epic but was still part of us

  7. In this position id grab 3 queens just for the fun. If they don't resign. A gentleman wouldve resigned after gaining a second queen.

  8. I can only assume the last move was a misclick, like you must literally just have learned chess to not see the mate and put it into stalemate.

  9. b6 was a checkmate after sacrificing THE QUUEEENNN… though right?

  10. I always get a stalemate and I don't understand

  11. My friend got 3 queens in a game and I only had a king and I made the game a draw

  12. Nobody :
    Absolutely nobody :
    My last braincell trying to process the information I am giving it :

  13. As a fellow youtuber… You are the only person on YouTube whose shorts I watch. 65 % Entertainment 35% education. Good blend.

  14. My face literally frowns as soon as the stalemate happens.

  15. That was dumb of him, if he had moved his pawn when the queens surrounded the king, the opponent would’ve been forced to move into one of the queens path

  16. A tiny piece of Levy’s heart was lost in this video 😢

  17. A wise man once said “if there is a checkmate in one, go for a draw”.

  18. This is why i rather use rooks, it's far easier to give checkmate

  19. White definitely didn't knew how to win the game

  20. This video is the definition of anxiety

  21. I love and hate how utterly stupid people are

  22. Literally if they moved the bottom one it would’ve been gg

  23. I don't think white knew how to win. The game

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