Chess Strategy Tip 3 #shorts

Chess endgames can be tricky, but certain rules and guidelines make it easier for us to choose the right plan.


  1. Woah your chess pieces are huge. 😲

  2. Thank you Robert! πŸ™
    These tips are worth their weight in gold. They are very easy to understand. Short & to the point! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Congrats on 30k+ you will reach 50k soon❀️😎

  4. Thank you! That's some pretty awesome insights! I'm currently watching your course on chess lessons and I'm really enjoying it!

  5. Please do more videos like this those are wonderfull for Us who wants ti learn more and more
    Sorry for my bad englishπŸ˜…πŸ‘‹

  6. thank you NM robert ramirez these tips are really helpful specially the less common known knowledge of endgame principles and hidden rules that not alot of people tell you. hope you add more like this one.

  7. Thanks Boss, handy tip to know 😊

  8. Hey coach, thanks for your tips reached 1600 and 2300 puzzles today. πŸ‘

  9. Thanks for another great lesson! The quality of free content you're producing is wonderful. The Pirc especially has served me well!

  10. I thought short video isn't that good
    But its awesome
    Super helpful

  11. I am busy studying your videos and think it is very well presented. You are a born teacher.

  12. Wow, I had to repeat the video 3 times to really realize how deep of a concept you managed to explain in 1 minute. I love this format and it really helps me with my strategy, thanks!

  13. Very nice idea mentioned with Bd7 going back to c8, just in case Black runs out of moves!
    Black must keep an eye on the f5 pawn.
    Nice video!

  14. OK, never from behind, always from the front, got it

  15. one time i had this excact endgame with the black side in a fide game when i was 1300 and my opponent was over 2000 fide and i defended from the back and lost the game. I will never forget this strategy because of that

  16. Excelente Robert. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de enseΓ±ar.

  17. Never from behind, always from infront
    Got it!

  18. Robert your not only showing us the royal treasury, your giving us the diamonds, gold, an other valuables. Thanks again. When I play a game these short ideas actually come up and I use them, incredible how these work.

  19. Please tell me from where can i buy these pieces?

  20. Sir your video too good and really helpful for all your viewers…tq soo much for these videos and sir it is necessary to buy any paid course or not please suggest…..

  21. hey can you make a video on how to draw with a king vs king and rook?

  22. I had to watch this on my big screen monitor because the chess pieces are so small. Otherwise it's quite an instructive video thank you.

  23. Why have you stopped with this playlist? It was wonderfull!

  24. King is little bit more big in size. Unmatched but I want. Would you send me this set? Plz🍁

  25. Nice! It's as if you do this for a living. πŸ™‚

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