Chess Visualizing: How To Remember Squares

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I get asked frequently to make a video about visualization in chess and identifying the squares, so I made a video for chess strategy for beginners and intermediate players on how to visualize during a game.

0:00 Intro

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  1. Great great episode! Understand your ideos@ lot better with this one… Thanks.

  2. Isnt e1 or d1 the most protected square of white? Or am i some kind of idiot? 14:10

  3. Great advice and exercises, thank you! 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  4. I find it so funny that I know a lot of chess theory but all that theory disappears when I’m actually playing 😭😭

  5. But how can i draw arrows in the games like he does ?
    In the website?

  6. White's view of the square naming thing is pretty organized, like a coordinate plane but counting alphabetically for whatever reason

  7. At 14:31 there were twi better squares that were controlled and that was d1 and c1

  8. Thank you so much!!! I've been stuck and this has helped SO MUCH!!!

  9. Will i be able to see clearly a chess board in my mind😅
    Its so hard😢😢

  10. Great work levy, you really know what your students would want from you as a teacher

  11. For the example where he asked us which square white controlled the most I thought D8 because the rooks, queen, and knight on E6 where guarding it.

  12. Thanks bro, 7:30 is our toErnament but I stil don't memoErise this

  13. D1 is also controlled the most controlled square for white 😂

  14. funny knight line: kc4 kd6 kc8 kb6 kc4 ke3 kxf5

  15. He didn't say "Get outta here."

  16. Awesome how you motivate to think ahead. Lots of fun!

  17. I am out of words man , salute to you
    You have helped me a lot

  18. Think of it this way; you know what even numbers are, right? 2, 4, 6 and 8. "Even' letters are B, D, F and H. If the letter and the number are the same i.e both even OR both odd – the square is black. e.g B6 is black cause B and 6 are even. C5 is black cause C and 5 are both odd. H1 is white cause H is even but 1 is odd.

  19. 14:38 isn't f1 controlled by queen 2rooks and a night? That would make it controlled by 4 piecies isn't that more?

  20. i was mad for a minute when he said Queen G 5 and then i noticed that was on blacks prespective 😂😂

  21. Right after watching this video i had my first game with 0 blunders 0 mistakes 0 missed wins etc

  22. My knight went to c8 on the 1st move. That's how good I am in chess. I give up

  23. i would love a book of puzzles specifically helping with blind fold chess. i,ve played chess for years and was practising the coordinates and also square colours and was surprised to see d5 was white i thought it was a dark square after thousands of games i should know what colour each square is and also know the co ordinates immediately so tnx for this video levy . i think i will learn the sqaures and practise blinfold until i can play with all the pieces its a good skill to have and it will help dramatically with normal chess

  24. 14:16 it can be d1 right? its protected by the 2 rooks, queen and knight

  25. you say it's g5 but it's 4 squares ): i don understand!1!!!

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