Crucial Chess Endgame Trick Checkmate

Crucial Chess Endgame Trick Checkmate


  1. Александър Георгиев says:

    But what if after Ka6 I play Rb8

  2. Yeah it's QB7 and fun fact this is the only vid I know the checkmate

  3. i can't find the checkmate. yes, i watch gothamchess

  4. Maybe bishop sacrifice is win because if take good bye pawn u wont take?
    how about no more pawn.

  5. the move is A8 queen maybe?
    (edit) i mean b7 queen

  6. Its B7 because its checkmates and is protected bt king

  7. after the king refusing the rook, cant the rook just go to b8 ? if pawn takes king takes and its a draw, if pawn Queen's thats a free queen and a win, if neither just move the rook to c8

  8. When the king was on b6 if you queen it would have been instant checkmate

  9. how bout rook to b8 if you won't take the rook?

  10. Guys help me be better at chess, is king b5 the check cuz I think it is but I’m not sure

  11. Not sac the second time go to rank 8 and stop the b

  12. What if the rook goes to b8, sacrificing itself so the pawn cannot become a queen?

  13. When you decline sacrifice rook I move b8 and if you don't take with pawn I block

  14. There is a another variation, it's Rb8, but White win in this position:

    Nd7, if Rc8, Nb6 is checkmate. If Bd6, cxb8=Q, Bxb8, Nb6 is checkmate. (It's simple)

  15. Aadarayada me ( ආදරය ද මේ) says:

    King goes to b7

  16. Instead of king c6, just promote and fork the king and bishop. Work smarter, not harder

  17. King couldn't move at end bc Bishop so that would be the checkmate by just promoting to queen

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