Crucial Chess Endgame Trick Checkmate

Crucial Chess Endgame Trick Checkmate


  1. Queen to B7, king can’t take the queen, cause king would protect her, that way king has no way to go

  2. Qb7 i honestly am wondering who didnt see this mate😂

  3. How is black on c8 a draw? Bruh just move the white king to the left 1 and now every move the black king does is death. How is that even a little bit of a draw? That's a bona-fide checkmate? That rule is such bullshit and I don't get it

  4. With The Position Black King In a7, White King On c6, White Queen On c8, And Black Bishop On e3,
    The Checkmate Is In Qb7, Protected By The King.
    If Black King Moves Literally Anywhere, White Queen Can Kill The Black King.
    If Black King Kills The Queen, The White King Kan Kill It.
    Black's Bishop Is Also Useless.

  5. These type of video is the best. Rewinds and different lines that could be played are so cool to see

  6. Take it
    Take it
    Take it
    *Blunders by taking the piece*
    Me: YESSS

  7. rb8 if he takes whit pawn and makes a queen il take it back

  8. If he queened instead of moving the king to c7, he would have mated

  9. Why didnt you do king a6 after rook sacrifice and bishop check? Isnt that checkmate?

  10. So move the rook in front of the pawn. They take, king takes. They promote, rook takes. And next move, bishop takes knight

  11. When white declines Rock sacrifice Rock b8 if the pawn takes rook gets taken by king it tries to Queen gets taken by rook

  12. No I wouldnt try sacrifice the rook again, I would take out your knight with my bishop

  13. rook f5 then he queens then u pin the queen and king making it a draw if he takes

  14. I can’t find the mate in one! I have 20000 elo so am I just dumb?

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