Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. I never resign I won't go down without a fight I never won though

  2. I didn't resign in positions like this, because usually my opponents get skewered

  3. But what if he promotes to a bishop or a knight?

  4. Why does computer not resign, after long and due thought I concluded it plays for stalemate.

  5. Never let them know your next move
    Bishop or knight poromotion

  6. can we appreciate how many games he had to resign to show us so many resignation pictures?

  7. Chase is r*cist.
    Because there is "Bl*ck", "Wh*te"…

  8. 'I've only got a rook, that pawn's gonna queen…alright, Black, I resign. You win.' 😌😌

    Chessscape: Resign??!! You're crazy!! I'm gonna get a draw out of this thanks to DA RUUKH!! 😤😤

  9. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. After b2 you can draw by taking the bishop with your rook and then playing rook b7. Just sac the rook for the pawn/queen and tada

  11. I would cut the king off with the rook with rook c5

  12. If he saw that it would be stale mate he could have promoted to bishop or knight right?

  13. Ah yes the portion where kings end up on opposite sides of the board

  14. what if they promote to a knight or a bishop

  15. Don’t let them know your next move: defend the pawn with the bishop

  16. but why just not king c2 when the rook attaks'

  17. But black could have done king c2 and would have lead to a stalemate.

  18. "Sacrifice the rook. Ra1."
    What if black promotes on b1 instead?

  19. Black promotes to a knight and proceeds to do the hardest checkmate

  20. What if the friend realizes it will be stalemate?

  21. That was the cleanest Stalemate I have ever seen,

  22. No ASMR ruuuukh sacrifice this time? This saddens me :/

  23. The black king could go to b2 preventing checks but making a stalement

  24. What happens if after the first check the king goes to c2?

  25. It's "Sacrifice… THE ROOOOOOK" not just "sacrifice the rook"

  26. Even stockfish got the position wrong (3200 ELO version)

  27. That moment he realises the stalemate and promotes to a bishop instead : Shocked Pikachu face

  28. What if king moves too c2? The pawn is then unstoppable if rook takes weak pawn push pawn if he checks up h get behind pawn white takes bishop and go to b1 rook checks on d1 king moves to c3 then white loses he can’t stop promotion

  29. Wait actually u just mov bishop to c5 as king on c3 and pawn on c2 cuz rook can’t pin pawn and draw game so he attacks bishop move king to b2 the rook is trapped it moves to a1 move bishop to d4 rook moves then u queen😊

  30. You can also go to A2 with the rook and take the pawn and stalemate because you can't checkmate with just bishop

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