Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. If he doesn't take the rook your forced to move it somewhere else and you lose right?

  2. What if the pawn promotes to something else like da rook

  3. The rook 😢😢

    Daruuuuuuk 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  4. wait did he just say that because he can promote to horse

  5. I’d put the king in check and then bring down the rook to c1

  6. Everytime in this endgames kings are on the opposite sides like why ?

  7. Never let them know your next move:
    Offer a draw beforehand to save the trouble

  8. Plot twist black turns into a bishop

  9. But at the end u could of just made the pawn a knight

  10. No no, mister fish, you dont sacrifice the rook, you sacrifice DA RUUK 🔥🔥🔥

  11. rook endgame doesnt mean you got 2 pawns and bishop vs your rook in position that allows you to force draw.. what if king wont go up or wont accept your sacrifice? those tricks are worthless better to use memory for openings

  12. I was waiting for the "Thaa rOuk"

  13. chesscape: you can survive this

    the pawns change their path and capture the rook 💅💅💅💅😎😎😎

  14. Hey black can you plz not move king to c2 plz. And don't protect your pawn by bishop

  15. Another possibility is black underpromotes to a bishop or a knight, in which case, we take the bishop and draw with insufficient material.

  16. Can't they underpromote to a knight. It's still a possible endgame for black

  17. Until they promote to a knight and checkmate you that way

  18. What would've happened if pawn didn't take the sacrificed rook?

  19. Do you know how to save this positio-
    Chesscape: You can survive this
    Me: I'm not Magnus

  20. bro i watched this vid and had 30likes now it has triple

  21. What if he moves his king down near the pawn after u take the pawn with the rook?

  22. This is why i Don't play Sicilian defense💀

  23. Bro I would not have found that, why is it this Hard?

  24. It would be weird to resign in this position, even if you don't find the right moves, you can still end up with rook against queen, which, while losing, is something a lot of players are unable to win

  25. Also, you probably should have mentioned that after Ra3+, Kc2 doesn't work because of Ra2, pinning the pawn, followed by Rxb2. I think there will be a good amount of people asking about it

  26. @Chesscape, halfway in the video, cant the rook just take the bishop? Cuz if black queens its stalemate

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