Diablo 4 – NEW Buffed Chain Lightning Best Endgame Sorcerer Build – Huge DPS & INFINITE Mana Build

In this Diablo 4 video, we’re going to show you the new Buffed Chain Lightning Best Endgame Sorcerer Build – Huge DPS & INFINITE Mana Build. Full written version HERE: This build is currently a strong character build after the latest new update and patch in the game and can easily clear nightmare dungeon level content.

If you’re looking for a Diablo 4 build that can take you to the top of the leaderboard, then this is the build for you! Chain Lightning is now a powerful spell that deals massive damage, and the synergy of the other spells in this build makes it extremely deadly. Check out this video to see how this build performs in action and see if it’s the right build for you!

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  1. what else are you going to play until starfield 😂

  2. Okay I use a variant but I will respec and try only lvl57 and I have had crap RNG for single handed weapons but hey, time to try
    Thanks. Glad I subbed

  3. I'm a new gamer and not a diablo fan but I'm curious about why 85-98% of all YT sorc builds use Raiment for 3 sec stun & shimmering TP for 3 sec dmg redux…

    It makes me think that either the community has been fundamentally traumatized by low damage reduction, which would make some sense if more than 10% of the player base made Hardcore heroes but… it's either that or getting a few except chip damage from Crackling Energy simply isn't worth it… You already have Protection passive. Which begs the question:

    Why invest more than Enhanced Teleport?

  4. Such mean comments
    barely started playing the game

  5. FYI: static discharge doesn't work with Barber, so that's 4 skill points you can use elsewhere

  6. I’ve been playing a charged bolts build and I’m interested in which is better charged bolts or chain lightning?

  7. There are only 57 skill points in the Moba write-up. Any idea where to put the last?

    Also, why use teleport enchantment if youre not using prodigy's aspect (CD restores mana)? How does it restore mana otherwise?

  8. Not sure i agree with all of your choices, no disobedience aspect which every class needs.

  9. Umbral aspect, could be a great addition for mana regeneration as well. Lots of stuns = lots of mana

  10. Hey just wondering your thoughts on best nm 100 build. chain lightning , conjurer, ice shards ( i dont want to play )

  11. Well at least BG3 honors his players base.

  12. Diablo 4 is really good game…. Untill level 50…

  13. Quick question, as I'm following this build, I'm level 32 right no so only part specced up.

    Can you just give me an idea to keep my mana topped up, it's doing ok, but I do find myself waiting occasionally for it to fill up again.

    So simple question what should I be on the lookout for at my level (32). To keep my mana topped up?

  14. Getting that renown is actually kinda easy. I think most of the regions don’t require side quests at all

  15. I tried many builds also after the patch but still sticking to iceshard – frozen orb enchantment. I feel my damage is at least 4-5 times higher with iceshard build. I also tried Fireball-hydra with the unique gloves and chain lightning but still a big difference in damage. Overall I feel the worst damage on sorc is around lvl 70. It is so frustrating. If I compare Sorc with the other classes, there is still a big gap.

  16. I have been using your build for the last few days and it really is a great all around build. What do yoy think of adding the electrocute glyph to the paragon board?

  17. Would highly recommend lightning spear for the stun along with shared misery aspect for CC to grouped mobs.

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