Don’t Make This Mistake In Chess Endgame

Don’t Make This Mistake In Chess Endgame

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  1. him: teaching how to play end games
    me: loses in the opening

  2. Btw to avoid another fork just play c3 and d3 so queen doesn't take rook

  3. Ah yes move the king to the 5th rank so the queen can kill the king

  4. Bro I love the videos but a little overload on the pop sound effect playing twice every second 😂

  5. Yes just play an illegal move because the queen blocks.

  6. Isn't King C3 is a blunder bcz of king and rook blunder or I'm just dumb?

  7. Dog my thumb was blocking the queen from the screen, and I was so confused watching this 😂

  8. I always try to find a position from where there's no progress if I am losing😂

  9. nah just sacrifice your king: KD5, QD5 and it win

  10. "Thinking that they must go this way"
    Who want to go to that Light Square💀

  11. i drawed a position like this like last year or 2 years ago? not sure anymore

  12. Forgetting the small chance of winning by lack of material

  13. 'Don't try to win with White…TRY NOT TO LOSE!' (Nice sage chess wisdom. 😁)

    In this little example it wasn't beneficial for White to support the e-pawn with his king as the rook already protects it from afar. Queen forks were the greatest enemy. I've played a few casual games in the past couple of months and almost everyone who has played me made this critical mistake.

  14. Whenever anyone says a player always wins in a certain position I just think they've only played against stockfish lol

  15. Same with men, how do you think a women gets pregnant?

  16. I didn't see the queen and thought, "How do you fork with a king?", now I know 😂😂

  17. "don't try to win or lose"

    fucking stalemates

  18. “Don’t try to win, try not to lose”

    Actually very inspirational

  19. You should do ke5 sacrificing the king so you cant be checkmated and then just take the queen 🔥🔥👍👍

  20. Funny thing is, it's actually insanely hard to play the rook vs queen (no pawns) endgame with both colors. Computers have shown that you shouldn't always keep the king close to the rook, and it can require over 40 moves to force mate with the queen. I'm certain most players (including titled) would not win that endgame against top stockfish in blitz (and even classical, if they haven't spent hours grinding that specific endgame)

  21. Can we talk about 5d is invalid to the white king

  22. i didn't see the queen and was so confused why this wasnt an obvious win

  23. theres another draw
    ROOK E5
    queen takes
    King takes draw

  24. That is why the most important and most crucial part of chess is the ending. If you're stronger than Ur opponent in the opening and middle game , and u reach the final part of the game having some material advantage but you can't use that advantage like you don't know about opposition for pawns ending , or u can't defeat a rook with Ur queen or u can't win with a knight and bishop then you have achieved nothing. And that is a pity.

  25. Stockfish 15.1 analyze the game as black winning 0.78.

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