EASY & Powerful Chess Opening for Beginners 2022

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📥 Download the PGN of the Stonewall Attack chess opening from this blog-post –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares one of the easiest chess openings to learn for beginners. At the same time, it’s a powerful chess opening for White after 1.d4.

It is the Stonewall Attack which is characterized by White playing their pawns to d4, e3, Bd3, Nd2, and then playing pawns to c3 and then f4. The Stonewall is a system where White heads for a very specific pawn formation, rather than trying to memorize long lines of different variations. White puts up the Stonewall formation regardless of how Black chooses to defend against it.

Watch the video lesson to learn the logical reasoning behind the moves, White’s main idea in this opening, middlegame plans, and a deadly trap that wins the game in just 12 moves!

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening for White
00:11 Stonewall Attack Chess Opening
01:00 White’s idea in the Stonewall Attack
02:15 Trap to win in 12 moves!
02:52 Logical reason behind White’s moves
05:57 Middlegame plan for White
08:08 Q&A: Common questions about this opening
08:58 If Black plays c4 to attack d3-bishop
09:23 If Black plays cxd4

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing man. Worth it to subscribe this channel. After watching on your chess strategy, my chess skills is a little bit more improvement. Appreciated. Wish successful!

  2. What I do against the Stonewall is castle, play b6 and the Ba6. (Leaving out castling leaves one open to the fork with Qa4+.) If I am able to exchange the white squared bishop then White's attack loses a lot of steam and he is left with a dark squared bishop that will take a while to find something useful to do.

  3. Could you make video about the italian game ( white – variations and ideas) and about the london (with white)? And finally one video for an easy (for begginers) openning for the blacks? thank you

  4. What can you do if on 3 … Nc6 4. Bd3 e5 ??
    i assume cover with c3?

  5. 1.d4…d5
    3.??? looks like stonewall is now dead?

  6. This is definitely my favorite chess channel, and my 2nd one would be Rey Enigma's, so I love how this opening has similar vibes to the Colle system, same way the Bishop opening and the Italian game feels the same. Definitely gonna practice the Stonewall attack.

  7. Thank you ,we export a lot chess ,but play very few.good lesson!

  8. What if black goes K g4 attacking weak square e6.

  9. Question:what if black doesn't put Knight to C6 and they just push the pawn to D6???

  10. Great video – love your explanations. Could you do a follow-up from the black perspective and give some insight into how black should think about defending an attack like this?

  11. what if black plays Kg4 before the knight on f3 is moved?

  12. i use this opening for 9 years ,without knowing its called stonewall.

  13. What if black makes a queens side castling? How do you attack?

  14. How do you handle a pirc defense setup when playing this opening? I play the colle Z, which is very similar, and have issues with the king side fianchetto.

  15. thanks gm Smirnov, i have watched many chess training youtube channel, by far this is the best amongst them, very clear and practical

  16. Win win win win Draw win awesome opening 🤩🔥

  17. I have the same question for this as for the Colle, how do you answer 2.—-B-f5 ? My guess would be 3.B-d3.

  18. This raised my ELO from 1050-1150 in just 2 days!

  19. Question: What if black plays bishop f5 before you can develop white bishop to d3?
    It would be greatly appreciated if you would explain. Thanks.

  20. Thank you for making these videos you are so helpful, one of only 3 people I watch to learn! Do you reside in USA?

  21. Thnaks for the great tips. What if they play E5?

  22. instructions unclear, just tanked my rating to 940

  23. Somehow these lines never work in my games.

  24. Interesting approach, but it regularly falls apart against 1500 level bots who are not developing in the limited avenues you predicted (I tested against the cats). This development tree doesn't give you as many options as others, but it's a good starter.

  25. On 2:28 you say "there is no defense against Q H7 checkmate.

    As I was watching it, it wasn't obvious to me that R e8 making room for the king doesn't save black. I had to analyze the position to see that:

    – Re8
    Q h7 – K f8
    Q h8 – K e7
    Q g7#

  26. I have tried a few openings that have worked on a wide range of players. I tried this opening several times today and I must say it never worked. I ended up having to reasses everything. It's the equivalent of training to fight with a dummy that doesn't hit you back. The opponent never reacts how you want them too.😂

  27. Problem is my opponent is also watching this 🤣🤣

  28. Thank you very much this is by far my favorite opening! I have never been a massive fan of the London and d4 in general but this thing is just too good.

  29. I was taught not to bring the F3 pawn out because it’s dangerous.

  30. Looking forward to playing this a few times. Thank you.

  31. I'm already familiar with this opening but this video still taught me quite a few things and improved my knowledge. Subscribed.

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