If the loosing king is advance, it can stop a pawn to become a piece.
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  1. I watched gothams video on this, the king should go in front of the pawn first

  2. No es Jake mate. El rey está ahogado. Pues no tiene jugada legal

  3. You are supposed to always go straight back and not diagonal. Do not lose drawn positions!!

  4. Dude he could have easily made a queen by the way you play

  5. White has a forced win easily if he takes 3 minutes max to look at king and pawn endgames lmao. Bad vid

  6. What makes this a draw? Wont white still win in a few turns from this position?

  7. When black king got to e7 couldn't you move the white king up to the right and won there? Not really sure but black played it wrong possibly but Im probably wrong can someone explore

  8. Why didn't he just take out the king

  9. Wss add it a minute

    That background

    😯 it’s from cool math games 😘

  10. Literal garbage. This is a drawn position, but black lost opposition multiple times. Come on, man, at least put together something that’s correct.

  11. This was setup. This is easy to see and counter in a real game

  12. A time waste video with unwanted moves from black. Just step back in the pawn line ass.

  13. This is a draw, and there is no way for white to change the outcome. Either a draw in stalemate or a draw in repetition.

  14. Chess is genuinely the most boring thing to watch, tied with golf. I don't believe anyone enjoys this, I think that people pretend to enjoy it because they have fragile egos and don't want to seem like they dislike something that was known in the 1700s as a sophisticated man's game since all they had was wood to play games with.

  15. white should’ve put their king in front of their pawn…

    edit: im stupid

  16. You keep the king in the front of the pawn. For those saying this is not how you do it, you are wrong. This is the best way for white to promote and for black to defend

  17. For those of you saying its winnable for white if he plays correct, it's not. Put this position in an engine and it will say this is a draw position. For white to win, the white king should be in front of the pawn and black won't let white do that.

  18. Wouldn’t this be checkmate? The black king has to make a move and any move it makes can get it captured by either the pawn or king. Am I missing something?

  19. I dont know but suddenly chess is so fing hyped a bunch of my roommates started to play every day in rl even on the phone and now I get hundreds of videos I dont understand recommended about chess in my reels. Stop please I dont get it and I'm so bad

  20. If you give white the opposition you win it, means try to keep the white king behind the pawn

  21. Black lost. He literally cannot make a move. That's called checkmate.

  22. Yeah u should put your king 2 squeares above the pawn

  23. White must move their king to outflank the black king, it means white king must maintain a move to protect its pawn(pawn move counts), because if white king loses a move to protect its pawn, black king can just attack it. BUT there's more, if black king is too far to attack the pawn, white king can use a move to get closer to black king if black king can't attack the pawn. You should just make a video about it lol

  24. People really dont know what opposition is now, such a shame, I bet loads of 800 – 1000 lose games because they dont know it.

  25. Yeah this is a term called opposition, the white king can never come forward to kick your king away, so they are forced to push the pawn so it ends up being a forced draw

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