Endgames for Beginners: Winning with Opposition

Welcome to our “Endgames for Beginners” series!

Whether you’re new to the game or looking to strengthen your endgame skills, this video will teach you the theory of winning in a king and pawn vs. king endgame. A strong endgame is essential for transforming drawn positions into winning ones, and vice versa.

πŸ“– Test out your knowledge in the book “Chess Endings for Beginners” featured in this video:

β™ŸοΈAll endgames covered, including games that can be played through, can be found on the blog:

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  1. Thank you Charlize for the great explanation!

  2. Watching your interview with players at the candidates is really good. Also really pretty as well

  3. Short, precise and simplified!!! Hope you make series of such 10 min videos!!! Thnx

  4. 2:28 Black can temporarily maintain the distant opposition with Kd8. However, once both kings are centralized, white can regain the opposition with the "reserve tempo" pawn to e3. Similar to 8:22.

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