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This is a chess lesson with @Myth_YT, who is a chess beginner preparing for pogchamps 3, where xqc, moistcr1tikal, MrBeast, and Pokimane will play. It’s a good review of beginner chess openings, beginner chess strategy, and middlegame and endgame concepts.

0:00 Intro

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  1. Queen H5, knight F6 after puts pressure on and you dont lose your queen.

  2. 27:23
    Would there be a mistake with going Qf3 right there?

    Then the trade becomes white pawn and bishop for black bishop and queen, right? And white queen checking black king.

    I just started binging chess vids and playing on my phone like a few days ago so there might be some blinder or something that makes that move a big no no… but it’s what I would do and find out if it works lol

  3. This is really nice to watch as a beginner to chess. Thank you both for your time! <3

  4. 18:04
    You guys missed a tactic. Pinning the bishop allows white to play Ne6, forcing the black queen to Qe7. Then Nc7 wins the rook.

  5. Running to the comments cause a long game of screaming at white ! And also the advice he got before he lost his queen if he discover checked and then brought the queen it was over

  6. Being good at chess is one thing, but Levy is also an incredible teacher

  7. Draw a arrow from knight C6 to A5 to let me know you seen it atleast😭 love the videos man

  8. 2:53 am i the only one that said "KNIGHT H4!!!!!!" like 50 times after levy did that move???? 😱

  9. I wish you had flipped the board so it matches you guys horizontally at the side if you understand what I'm saying. Much easier for beginners that way

  10. Your a great teacher man!! Epic patients and encouragement. True patriot of the game.

  11. If you'd rely on guides and tutorials to learn chess or kill some time by learning a bit more (like me)

    I made a playlist containing videos about chess that will teach you rules, terms, methods, and more


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  12. What is the app you are using to do this ?

  13. Im sort of new to chess, what's wrong with going bishop b5 at 12:11 is that a bad move?

  14. I love your videos and the way you are teaching. Thank you 😀

  15. 23:30 knight to b5, if black doesn't move king to prevent discovery check, then next move d6 check then knight takes on c7 forking the two rooks. pawn on d6 prevents queen from taking knight

  16. I really appreciate you posting these types of videos. As a beginner, it helps alot to see the guidance you offer. You also made a similar video with TierZoo a while ago and it was great. Thank you for sharing and I hope that you can add more of these

  17. THE MYTH from fornite omg i remeber his roblox days :000

  18. this brother is special lmao or is he just a beginner that cant see moves

  19. Who’s going to win those pawns? I’m going to win those pawns 😂

  20. In the opening when black plays d4 why not take with queen to force the bishop/knight trade and be able to take with queen to prevent stacked pawns

  21. If that kid yawns or says like one more time I’m going to reach through the internet.

  22. Interesting student. He doesn't know what a B file is and doesn't know that the Queen is the most powerful piece, yet he already seems to think about the game on higher level.

  23. This video is supposed to be most instructive beginner tutorial. Unfortunately, failed. Beginning is alright, but closer to the end – the worse. I think, the student's mind just melt midway
    But there is another on the channel, which is great.

  24. I watch these videos but nothing I watch translates to my ability to play. You make this look easy.

  25. This was by far my favorite video of yours! Super helpful to see you teach/critique move by move. Are there any other videos on your channel like this one?! Do you plan on making more content like this? Thanks!!

  26. I suck at chess. The best I can do is occasionally beat 1600 ratings, anything above that I get destroyed, it's frustrating.

  27. 29:05 I saw Re1 then pawn e7 and I was like amazing move except he shut it down 10 seconds later with knight c6

  28. hi …what,s that ..366 ?? is this rate really ?? and why ??who does not know any thing about chess must have Elo ?? and why you must play with these beginners that just must be in clubs for learning correct chess way ?? are u kidding us ?? chess is a knowledge program ..and not just a game ..and who understand better ..is the better player …so for be the best .must so much try ..and learn ..and spend time ..more and more ..many many years …thanks ..

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