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  1. Evergreen game, Anderssen – Dufresne, 1852. Not Carlsen, bad editing, stop posting such nonsense.

  2. Bishop to e4?
    Or maybe a checkmate, idk.
    I'd rather take a queen and go to an endgame, then have a brilliant checkmate 😂
    It crushes their ego so 🗿

  3. If Kxd7 (if Kf8 Qxe7#
    Bf5+ Ke8(if Kc6 Bd7#)
    Bd7+ Kd8(if Kf8 Bxe7#)

  4. Bishop b5 double check King moves to c8 and bishop d7 is MATE

    that indeed is dirty

  5. 1. Kxd7, Bf5+, Kc6, Bd7#,
    2. Kxd7, Bf5+, Ke8, Bd7+, Kf8 or Kd8, Bxe7#
    3. Kxd7, Bf5+, Kd8, Bxe7+, Ke8, Bd7#
    4. Kf8, Bxe7#

    Hope this helps!

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