GOD LEVEL MOVE | Stalemate Trick – Chess #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Endgame Trick where Black uses a brilliant tactical idea. He forces a stalemate to end up with a draw in a losing game. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess


  1. He should keep the White king below the pawn always & then start promoting pawns, what a stale mate he can't move anything other than queen either he needs to sacrifice the queen & loose , or kill the queen then there will be no move for black king so it's a stale mate 🤣🤣🤣.

  2. It's either the black is gonna lose a queen and draw or white will lose queen and lose

  3. He was kind of a genius tho cuz for a quick second I almost fell for it too HAHAGA

  4. wow if white takes it is a steal mate if white ignors the only way is to move the king and lose the game

  5. can any one explain how's that a stalemate?

  6. What if the white queen moves to a4 or f8?
    Does the game still go on?
    Sorry for asking, I'm new on chess🙏

  7. when they gave u check on c7 why did not play f3 why Qf3 u could have activated ur pawn

  8. Can someone describe this situation for thoose who dont know chess well?

  9. Wow! The black's last move is probably one of the most brilliant moves I've ever seen!

  10. It was At This Moment When You Came To Knew, You Fu*ked Up!

  11. Try with Qa4 or Qf8 this might trigger some other moves

  12. Uno reverse him with Kh3 (it’s still a draw but it’s funny)

  13. Hows that stalemate? Black can win after taking the queen.

  14. Oh chess is the reason why asish chancalani not posting videos in his main channel

  15. Qf8 check then blocks with the queen, queen takes queen it's basically checkmate

  16. how is it a stalemate when they have a queen to move …you dont have to capture the queen

  17. Not only a stalemate trap, it's also zugzwang. That's awesome.

  18. Isn't this ending from someone else's game? Seems like I've seen it before..

  19. Shouldv’e blocked on 2nd checkmate on white king

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