He Thought My GRANDMASTER Mom Was A Beginner In Chess…

We went to Washington Square Park in NYC and this park chess player thought that my mom was a beginner in chess, even though she is a grandmaster. Watch until the end to see his reaction when we tell him!


Watch my first encounter with Johnny here:

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  1. Haha. He is a performer, but has no idea how he must sound to a master…

  2. Tried to catch her on a turn tho😂 talked to much to be truthful 😅

  3. He actually made the game sound interesting especially for new players.

  4. I loved every bit of this interaction!! What a wonderful teacher!

  5. In fairness I think why the other GM's liked him, he makes chess sound very exciting. Even If I was Magnus id still play games with him all day regardless of his ELO

  6. This guy wanted to be a preacher vut couldn't for some reason.

    Remember, in the beginning there's two fundamental things God created, the heavens and the earth

  7. He showed real sportsmanship, not getting offended at being beaten by a better player. Well done, sir.

  8. Pawns are adult men wearing a baseball cap.

  9. I’ve never heard anyone talk about chess like that, he was inspiring, but modest, and humble when he discovered he’d been mated!

  10. This is the only guy who has ever gotten me excited about chess.

  11. I already now imma be a dirty old man i couldnt

  12. This man is a gem. What a character in a complimentary way. Gives me a Michael Rappaport's dad kinda vibe. A very interesting person.

  13. He thought the daughter was laughing at his humour, but she was thinking "Dude, my mom is going to destroy you if you can shut up for long enough" 😅😅

  14. What a cool dude. He is so passionate and kind!

  15. It’s a wonder he ever finishes a game ….. Jesus

  16. What a guy – he even got me interested in chess and I've never had any enthusiasm for it. Your mom played her part perfectly too.

  17. Am I being stupid? His Bishop could've taken the Knight?

  18. Like everyone else, I clicked on this video expecting to see an arrogant player getting schooled by a grandmaster and ended up really loving the guy! So enthusiastic and such a great teacher! I hope he has a lot of legitimate newbies sit down to play and learn!

  19. This is by FAR the sweetest people on Earth! I am super happy!

  20. I was fully expecting a trash talker, but instead I got to see a passionate storyteller. Love this guy!

  21. Talking about chess like a Game of Thrones Battle 👏

  22. OMG loooool this man was so annoying I even couldn't watch the whole video , sorry
    wow that's actually the first time I see a person more dramatic than Amber Heard in the courtroom

  23. Why can't someone be this exciting at teaching me how to play chess

  24. I am by far the worst chess player on Planet Earth. I've been beaten in 8 moves. A 6 year old could beat me. I HATE CHESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I had to give up in the middle. The guy stated driving me nuts

  26. Mansplainer. Funny how he assumes a woman doesn't know anything. Would he assume a man didn't know anything?

  27. Damn, this dude is great!!! Great explanations of the basics, and he's hyping you up!! Fantastic dude.

  28. that man should have NEVER been touching her pieces.

  29. Somebody introduce this man to D&D PLEASE. Can you imagine him as a DM? 😮

  30. Oh so pure and wholesome this interaction was. Thank you for doing it and sharing it

  31. Anna's mom was looking embarrassed by the cheap trick they were playing on that guy. But his enthusiasm, energy and lack of ego saved the day

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