How To Actually Get Better At Chess In 5 Minutes

How to get better at chess. It’s a simple goal, but it’s osensibly an effortless goal to mess up. This video explains exactly how to improve at the game of chess, and guarantees that you will be marginally less likely to be abysmally bad after an indeterminate period of time.

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  1. How does a five minute video feel like an actual lifetime of information? Subscribed for eternity. Thank you.

  2. Wait this was just two weeks ago!? This has to be one of the best advices, like not even paid courses do this😭😭

  3. watched the video, got motivated, started a match was checkmated in 7 moves

  4. wow Impresive // part 2: five "SIMPLE" TIPS in 1 min -> Play 10000 games, dedicate your 40 years to chess, study hard everyday, play with masters, attend all the chess courses in the world

  5. One thing i wish you'd touched on a bit more is that while constant analysis of gm games is useless, sometimes it can be helpful to introduce new concepts (at a base level which we don't understand amd aren't going to for a while). Later on, when the situations presents itself in puzzles or in a game, we may be more likely to know what to do in it. But i think you were referring to when people submerge themselves in gm analysis rather than focusing on the personal growth aspect of it. Even watching games is a very small percentage of the pie chart, imo – but magnus became magnus by learning from other games as well as his own. So, both are important.

  6. I had this annoying streak recently where i shot from 1580 to 1650 on a winning streak against randomly assigned 1500?s. I got so frustrated that I turned elo visibility on (i typically leave it off during games, to "focus on the chess") and sought out an opponent rated 1685. I barely beat him – i treaded water until right before the endgame when my opponent blundered and i caught it. A later game was very similar, except that i had somewhat set up their blunder on purpose, but they still fell into it – that one turned out to be 1743!! So, while i may still feel a bit higher-rated than i would expect, i mean, the results are suggesting i am at least a 1620.

  7. 1200? I am that! Like…I got half of the points already 🙂

  8. I agree, I bought a chessly course, it was absolute trash, all he does is review games, not show you how to do something.

  9. I am so afraid to ply rapid I am currently at 1109 I’m not tryna lose this haunts me even when I sleep, I started taking chess seriously in February then when I was 400 rapid then after hours of hard word review my games watching gotamchess doing I finally hit 1109 in may and I haven’t played rapid ever sense then

  10. Damn finally a video i can learn from while just listening instead of having to look

  11. Improve at chess:
    1.Play longer games
    -Short games are like flexing
    -longer games are like training
    2.Review your games
    -learn from mistakes
    -review lost games
    3.Focus on your weaknesses
    -which part is weakest?
    -Pay attention to the weakest area
    -what is practice?..
    -Long games are most important practice
    -Do Puzzles of what you're weak at
    -Fun puzzles= jerking off
    -Just learn mainline of 1 good opening
    -Watch Ben S chess's videos
    6.Time allocation
    -Dont spend 8 hours on chessly 💀
    -Long games 60%
    -Reviewing games 20%
    -Puzzles 10%
    -Touching grass 10%
    7.Pick your battles
    -Dont play 100 elos
    -Play people 100-200 elo above you
    -Find a rival who can challenge you
    -Play consitantly against him
    8.Pay attention
    -Just pay attention
    -Don't multitask
    -Don't watch sigma male edits
    -Don't listen to music while playing
    -1 game a day>7 games in 1 day
    -Btw these games are long games
    10.Things to avoid
    -Fixating on rating
    . don't fear your rating going from 600 to 590
    -Being satisfied with bad result
    -Spending too much time studying

  12. This has to be the most important chess video I’ve ever watched

  13. Great video, but can u say to me what is the problem of playing “puzzle rush”? I don’t get it.

  14. My reason: I'm somehow viewed as a rather smart person by the people around me and everyone thinks that I'm probably good at chess. The thing is that I never really got into it and every time I tried I was hella bad and just stopped every time after like three matches because I just felt like a disappointment. So hi, here I am! 😂😂😂

  15. get out of my mind vid!!!! Wait wait wait,i'll listen :s

  16. Setting high goals and getting uncomplacent really improved my rating

  17. All you have to do is “focus”
    Gets limbo flashbacks kick in

  18. I’m already 1950 on lichess and only play 10 min

  19. your videos would still be fun to watch even if I didn't play chess

  20. Best chess advice I have received so far, you are a blessing to many.

  21. "Dont buy chessly courses", then talks about his patreon

  22. as a 2200, I can confirm that
    1. these tips are good
    2. we are still absolutely terrible at chess

  23. i am 1700 on lichess, i will come back when i hit 2000 , i played 30 min of bullets everyday , wish me luck.

  24. Tbh Im gonna do all of this just to beat my grandfather who I've never beat before , I'm coming for you gramps

  25. I'm glad there's another person who understands how to weaponize your spite.

  26. if you find puzzles fun you are doing it wrong – this guy

  27. This video is amazing. You basically told me all I already knew but didn't have the courage to admit. Thank you, you earned a subscriber

  28. >on a winstreak
    >watched this
    >lost first game afterwards

    thank you

  29. Ok so here's the money question: what is bens rating

  30. I didn´t like this video. "Don´t do puzzle rush. If a puzzle is fun, don´t do it." What a weird and stupid comment. Chess should always be fun.

  31. This is great not just for chess, but for all kinds of activities. Don't focus on time, review your past, focus on your weaknesses.

  32. Im trying this for 10 days its day 2 rn
    day 1: I played against a slightly better oponent and won.
    day 2: I played against a +100 opponent and drew.
    day 3: I played against an opponent who was 10 points lower than me and won. Ialso played against a slightly better opponent and drew it and drew again against a much better opponent (+120 elo). I also am playing an irl tournament in germany with 90 min + 30 secs time and won my first game against a 1000 national elo player (I am 1660 national elo).
    day 4: I lost against 1950 fide but won against 1000 fide which leaves me with 2 out of 3 points. I sadly lost against a little bit higher ranked on lichess
    day 5: I drew the last 2 games against 2 2000 fide and got 3/5 points. I won my lichess game against a same rated person as me.
    day 6: I lost on lichess against a way much better rated than me (+150) and didnt play another game.
    day 7: I lost again against a way stronger opponent ima try to get at least 2 more points in the next 3 days!
    day 8: just played my game against a 70 higher rated player and fricking demolished him with 97% accuracy

  33. Middlegame is the key concepts from improvement at low levels

  34. I got tryouts in 2 weeks and i lost my chess skills idk how man but i suck i cant even get 1k

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